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Hate going to the laundromat?

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I don't have laundry in my apartment.  I hated going to the laundromat and wasting my weekend sitting around in a kind of creepy, a little dingy place.  Then I discovered that they sell portable, apartment-sized washing machines that can be hooked into your kitchen sink!  And they are not too expensive!

I'm posting this because these don't seem to be too common.  People are sufffering through the weekly laundromat routine needlessly!

I bought one and my life has changed!  If you don't have laundry where you live, you should consider getting one.  (No, I don't work for an appliance company!)

The one I got is called Zerowatt (marketed as Avanti in the US).  It is made in Italy, where it got an A rating for energy and water consumption.  It washes about 12 pounds of laundry (about 1/2 a regular load) and is about 2 feet wide, 2 feet deep and a little taller than a kitchen counter.  It is so convenient!  Sure you have to hang up your clothes to dry, but its better for the clothes and the environment, plus, my clothes smell like fresh air.  The added bonus is that it plays ode to joy when the wash is finished!  Another brand that is supposed to be pretty good is Haier.  They cost between 200-400 dollars Cdn.  Mine was closer to 400 because I got a bigger capacity.  The smaller capacity washers are cheaper.

Thats it!  (Ok, this sounds a little religious....)


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They have dryers too! :D

that is actually a great idea, I knew they made dishwashers like that because we had one when I was younger. I love this idea, I hate laundromats also. Sitting around waiting for you wash to be done and if you leave you have to time it to be ready. Oh that is a wonderful thing. Good to know thanks!

I love laundromats.  Granted, I don't have to go to them because I have a washer and dryer, but I do love laundromats.  I like that I can take ten loads of laundry and wash and dry them all at one time instead of spending an entire day doing laundry.  I like to people watch while I am waiting.  Once or twice a year I end up going to a laundromat for things that don't fit well in my w/ sleeping bags.  I look forward to it.

We have a laundromat in our city that is attached to a bar/restaurant.  Cool

Twice a year, ok, but every week?  The people get less interesting.

When my husband and I first got married we lived in a four apartment complex and the laundry room was on the bottom floor.  That wasn't to bad but then I got pregnant with our daughter and I loathed the thought of doing her clothes and carting her down to do the laundry.  We purchased both the washer and the dryer.  It was a the best purchase we ever made. 

When we bought our house, three years later.  I sold the units to the new tenants. Smile

Don't like laundromats too much because of the concern of spreading infection.

I had one near me with a bar and there is nothing more frustrating than getting a bit of your drink on and forgettnig to put the clothes in the dryer.  Then you have another hour at the bar...

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