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Fellow babies...

Today I am a Bold Soul Sister...
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Step away from the food Kathy!  Remember the sensual bubble bath.  Think of other things - men in kilts, shooting on the range...
me no shave head josh. yeah, the hair down to my ass is a little incongruent with the GI jane look. hmmm... maybe something else...
We could have a virtual party for those of us with limited social lives this weekend.  Imagine a bunch of us all dressed up in front of our computers on Saturday night - sad image :-)
Mmm.. I love gals with long hair.
Watergirl do it up in a Frenchbraid and wrap the end up in a tight queue
I'm wearing an afro right now.


that is all.
I mean...i'm wearing more than that...that's just all I wanted to share about.

I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself

A bird will fall frozen, dead, from the bough

Without ever feeling sorry for itself...

Loved GI Jane, and man do I DIG those Navy Seals...
or maybe gi jane biker a camo dorag, could cord my hair and go with a black n metal top from my extensive lingerie collection
You are not wearing an afro. Prove it.
a white q-tip fro dude. she does.
*walkin dude considers his tune selections for tonight*

speaking of which, my producer friend who i'm interested in working for is gonna be there :)  he's a very good singer
Ah. I knew you were dressing as a Q-Tip. I didn't realize you were wearing the "fro" already.
amanda. #463. just read that. LMAO. yeah, sad....
I have a fiancee. She'd look odd at me if I did so. Also, if I explained why she'd drag me out or something.
Not comfort food for me to eat, just to cook...I love feeding men... ;)
i wouldn't mind going out saturday, but i hate dressing up

guess i could go as a biker . . .
I think a virtual party would be pathetic.  You KNOW you're a loser in real life when you have to have one of those.  Gar I'm sad.
i'm disco first, Q-tip for the contest...

hold on...I'll take a picture.
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