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What happened to Hotmail???????????

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Has anyone else had trouble even finding their hotmail account.  When I type in it takes me to this Windows live log in crap.  What is this?  Then I enter my email address and password and it says one of them is wrong.  Well I know it isn't my email address so I changed my password.  Tried to log in again and nothing.  Then I can see a little link at the bottom of the page that says "account" I click on that and it has all my personal information with no link to open my email account.  I could email customer service but of course I would never know their response since I can't find my email account!!!!!

Does anyone know a telephone number for whoever runs hotmail?



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It's microsoft... go figure.

I migrated mine over.... it even entered me in to a sweepstakes for some software or something....


The new live thing is pretty cool. So if you can get it to work.. do Cool
Mine is working fine, can't find a number for hotmail specifically but here is the webpage for reporting problems. It give s you the option of getting reply at a different email address. n1.0

I unfortunately don't have another email address.   So I can email them my problem, but it doesn't help.

Thanks for your replies...I guess I will have to find another free email service.

try yahoo :)
ok, so I signed up for a gmail account.  its free.  and emailed msn.  thanks for the link mistymom.  we'll see what they say.

try using this link to get to hotmail.

If that doesn't help then I would suggest gmail. It = win. can't get into your account? That would really suck.  I've had my yahoo account for about 5 yrs and would really hate to have to change it...*shivers at the thought*

good luck!
Hope it works. I would hate to have to start another account and not have access to my current one(s).

Good luck!
maybe you need to update your windows system.

(new stuff doesnt work all the time without updates)

do a virus scan

and sometimes...these things just happen as they are working on changes
curses, that was a good suggestion.  I did a virus scan and did update my windows and internet explorer.  Unfortunately it didn't help Yell
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Hotmail upgraded everyone to windows live. It will be the same email address and password you have always been using.
Windows live is now the new hotmail. And let me tell you... from personal experience with microsoft employees, they don't always have the best ideas. ;)
My younger brother works out on their Redmond campus.  You can say that again, mztenderheart! :D
Kay your right.  It should be the same, but it isn't letting me in.  I emailed customer support and have not hear anything back.  I was supposed to hear within 24 hrs and I'm not holding my breath.  I think I might just have to keep the new gmail account and forget this old one.
I just had a question about my hotmail.  didn't see it listed in the FAQ, so called MSN (parent of hotmail) and got an answer right away.

good luck.

Kelly, Ive had problems too since it "officially" switched everyone over to Windows Live Mail...for whatever reason, now my firewall blocks it. I didnt change my firewall settings, just for whatever reason it now blocks it...but doesnt block windows live messenger. ANyway, I turned off my firewall and got to the site just fine. So I added it to my IE favs, turned my firewall back on and now I can go to it. For now anyway LOL

Hey Kerry, thanks for the suggestion.  I tried it and that didn't work.  Crap!  It must have something to do with my email address.  Because everytime I log in it says "Id or password is incorrect".  I know it isn't.  I have checked it numerous times and I was able to change my password.  I wouldn't be able to do that if my email address was wrong.  Well, I got a response from Msn Support and they think Windows Live Support can help me so they have forwarded my problem.  So I am still waiting
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You can set your gmail account to have your hotmail sent over to it. Just in case you were unaware. Your hotmail will be forwarded automatically to your gmail after you set it up.
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