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What happened to Barbie's boobs????

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I was in superstore the other day and I saw to my utter dismay a doll calling itself barbie.  This new barbie tragically has no boobs, an average wast and hip size.  What on earth happened to the unrealisticly proportioned barbie who could put an eye out with her plastic breasts?!?  Is it just me or is the change to barbie going a bit too far, I liked barbie disproportionate as she was, she wasn't perfect or average and that was fine.  She was plastic and perfect just as she was.  Does anyone know when she underwent this drastic transformation and why?
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oh no what are little girls supposed to admire and want to become.. no boobies... it's about time!!!!!!
um, because they realized barbie was creating an unrealistic body-image goal for girls...and it was turning into a public relations issue for Mattel.
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I think society in general has made it a big issue.  I'm 25, I'm a collector of high end Barbie Dolls.  when I was a little girl I never looked at my Barbie doll and said "i want to be just like her".  Yeah, I wanted the Malibu Mansion, and Convertible... but never thought about the body. 
i don't think they should have changed barbie at all... i was barbie obsessed when i was little and i still love everything to do with barbie.  i never looked to her and thought "i want to look like that..." i think people just take these things too far because they want to blame something.

barbie was perfectly plastic and unrealistic. anybody who thinks they can have a barbie body must also think it's possible to have a huge smile plastered on their faces at all times.
I don't think Barbie has ever been the problem. I think the ribcage-baring skeleton on the magazine cover is the problem.
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well said lily... WELL SAID!  :) 

and I must say it.. but again, it has to do with the parents.
LOL... just a thought... if they're radically altered the non anatomically correct barbie what on earth have they done to ken? lol... is he more correct now?
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Maybe they are trying to make her look more like real models, who are usually flat because they're so thin. (or at least the majority)
LOL @ ken!

haha i posted about this same thing the other day on another forum i visit. i had been watching saturday morning cartoons and noticed that barbie had changed o_O. i never looked at my barbies and wished i could look like them either, in fact i never really paid much attention to the body at all. i was more into playing with all of her accessories, like the barbie pool, convertible, clothes etc.

most girls wouldn't consciously think "I want to look like Barbie"... it's just another one of those subtle messages you get from the culture... you get these kinds of messages from magazine pictures, from tv stars, from cartoons, and even from toys...

so I guess Mattel decided to change Barbie to convey a different cultural message

it's not something most of us ever think about, and we're only thinking about it now because it's been changed

*has big boobs, but not such that they ever come close to putting anyone's eye out*

Well isn't that just great.  Now Barbie will be posting to CC asking if she only eats 250 calories a day but doesn't feel hungry, can she get back the figure she had just a few years ago.  Then a flame war will break out about her being anorexic.  Then others will chime in and say we need to be more supportive of Barbie.  Barbie will finally post a "Why I'm leaving CC" thread just to make sure the argument continues.  The thread will get locked and people will complain about the dictatorship of the mods on CC.

I'm sorry, that was probably uncalled for but I don't think Barbie is the problem with girls/women wanting to be ultra-thin.


I love all the mods equally. I do.

Dennis, that's awesome.
When I was a little girl I hated playing with barbies, but my sisters had them and I did hope to grow up and look just like barbie. I thought that was what women were supposed to look like if they were to be successful and happy. I thought that big breast was what all men wanted... 
Well the last statement is correct. ;)
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barbie was successful?  I remember her hopping from job to job..

doctor barbie, nascar barbie, Baywatch Barbie, stay at home with 3 kids barbie....
coming from the home I was in barbie was very successful, thank you very much.

Not all children have wonderful parents for role-models.

My mom wasn't even a high school graduate, and she had to struggle just to feed us.

As far as I could tell Barbie never had to worry about those things.

dhwebb.. it's half correct. :)


Mine were a 36F before I had surgery, and while some men were obsessive over those things most were turned off by the size.
And why is someone not successful just because they career-hop?

Actually Dennis, I'm guessing that for somebody of Barbie's size (she's what, 11" tall?) 250 cals wouldn't be exactly anorexic...
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