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Gross! Fruit Flies!

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I give up! The lil buggers are about to win.

I've got fruit flies and I can't seem to get rid of them for more than a day or two. (We now have a compost bin and more fruit hanging around the house, but we keep it all refridgerated)

I tried making a funnel out of a bottle with an old piece of fruit, collected a few.

I tried spraying them with raid.

I tried vinegar (white, not apple cider as I've read - may have to pick some up!) and dish soap.

I tried vinegar, dishsoap, splenda (to attract them, don't have real sugar in the house) and saran wrap poked with holes.

NOTHING seems to get rid of them! (the compost bin is emptied and washed regularly)

Does ANYONE have ANY ideas, suggestions, thoughts or solutions? I'm about to give up composting just to get rid of the flies and I really don't want to do that. Or, if I do manage to rid my home of these nasty, annoying lil creatures, how to I keep them gone?
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My husband sprays bugs, etc. with a poison called malathion that he dilutes in his hand sprayer.  It works great - also kills mosquitos, ticks, etc.
Check out this tells you NOT to add any pestisides to the compost but to get it "cooking", etc. Hope it helps.  I don't personally have a compost.
thanks, that would prolly work, except my compost is IN my house! :)

round here the city passes out these green bins, lil for apartments, large for houses, for composting and they come around and pick em up every so often.

We don't actually have a proper green bin (must get on the maintenance guys butt!) but we've got a lil garbage pail with a lid. We put all the food nasties in there and then dump it into a larger green bin (outside) that the city collects.

I'm all for doing my bit for the environment, but I don't want to be polluting MY environment with fruit flies *shudder*
ohhhhhhhhh that is really bad. Hmmmmm thinking.
ok, salome, malathion is REALLY bad for you, you might suggest that your hubby find an alternate pesticide if he's set on using one...

garnet, start with old-fashioned fly strips. fruit flies have a life cycle of about 10 days- your object is to kill em while they're still virgins. (giggle if you want- we sure did in high school biology when we had to "sex" the "vrigin fruit flies" for breeding purposes). that means they need to DIEDIEDIE within the 1st 24 hours of life. fly strips will not only catch and kill the little buggers, it'll keep em from laying eggs in, oh, your food? and on other stuff. you're going to need to pursue whatever course of action you take for about 2 weeks to make sure no new eggs are hatching, etc.

I know your compost bin is cleaned regularly- what about your drains and garbage disposal? and i bet there's fruit bits in your trash no matter how good you are about composting. you'll want at least a strip by the sink and one by the trash. they're gross, but they're better than spraying your house with poison.
I have fruit flies around my garbage disposal all the time, but I always trap them in the soap suds. It seems like they die right away too. I don't know how you could make that work with your compost pile, but it works well for the sink. Good luck.
Wow..... We are going to have to stop using it..

I also found this link for Fruit Fly traps you can buy.  Hope some of these ideas help.
sorry! my dad's a landscaper, so i know all about which pesticides to stay away from. malathion's really effective, but like most effective things (deet!) it's not so good to have around.
no garbage disposal (oh if I were so lucky!), the can has a liner I can take right out to wash (also did that with the hose in the BY)..but my drain?!

how'm I gonna kill em in there? Drain-o? Boiling water?

ugh, I don't wanna thing about eggs in my food! Cause of the fruit flies I've made doubly sure things are sealed up tight *shudder*

mucho thanks!

The Plan


step 1: buy fly strips
Like you said...that is why it works so good.  They suggest Pyrethrum for Mosquitos - I might try it.

Thanks for the info.
The link I gave you also gives you something to put in your drain I think..
thanks, I'll definately look for some drain gunk to pour down there while I'm searching for fly traps :)
Good luck.  I hate pests.!  Seriously. I read someone once that everytime a fly lands it poops. GROSS.
Heh. I worked in a genetics lab for a while when I was in college, mixing media for fruit flies and washing the bottles when experiments were over and other such scutwork. Of course some of the little buggers got out; we used the old fashioned fly strips as saroful suggested and nothing else. We always had fruit flies about because we were, of course, breeding them on purpose, but the fly strips helped a great deal and is probably all you need to use at home.
I've got a fruit fly problem right now, too!
I did, for a while, too.  Once I stopped leaving fruit out it cleared up eventually on it's own.  T'was nasty for a while, though.
In my former life (first marriage) we managed an apartment building.  One of the tenants got fruit flies which spread throughout the entire building.  This is what I learned from the pesticide guy...they breed in drain traps at night.  Put water on your stove early in the day (don't want to disturb them after dark).  When night comes, boil the water and pour it down ALL of your drains in the and bathroom.  Hope that helps.
I have been know to use a vaccum to suck up fruit flies.
thats a great tip about the boiling water, we have them too and its GROSS
we ended up getting rid of our compost bin (temporarily) and we got the fly strips (eeewwww!). Mostly I used the strips to catch the lil suckers.

X, I did suck a few up, wasted a brand new vacuum bag on 'em cause I wasn't going to let the lil _____ breed in there but they were getting to be too many *shudder*  :)

There are still one or two flying around *fingers crossed* they're not a male and female.

Oh, and right before we broke open a strip I found an infestation (only word I can think of) in the BREAD!! I had taken it out of the freezer maybe 4 hours before, it had never been open before that. H had it open during suppertime and then by 8pm...fruit flies all up in there! It was disgusting! H talked to the bread guy and the bread guy said they'll do that cause there are no preservatives in there and they're attracted to the yeast and blah blah. Anyway, if you have 'em. Keep yer bread safe! (BLECH)
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