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Gross Fast Food Stories

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Mine is when I was at a Mcdonalds and saw a worker drop a patty on the ground, pick it up, put it on a bun, and hand it out the drive thru window. You can bet I called the customer service hotline on that dimwit!
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Today I ate at a Subway in a Walmart - had chicken breast on wheat with cheese, spicy mustard, and veggies. I shopped in Walmart right after and not half an hour after I ate my stomach started to give me sharp pains and my intestines turned to water and I had sharp cramps and it was horrible. I hate going in public restrooms (and they were busy too!) so I barely made it home. It's now about six hours later and my stomach keeps having sharp pains. It's not exactly a "gross story" that happened to my food but it made me ill right away and the bathroom experience was not pleasant!
that's not so bad. i found a cockaroach in my chow mein and a fly in my lo mein
I heard a story from a McDonalds employee in Minnesota, that they will spit into the soda cups of customers that are rude when ordering! Gross!

If you haven't seen Super Size Me, I suggest you see it. Personally, I haven't eaten at McD's (or any other fast food but Subway) since. In short, french fries today look the exact same way 16 weeks later! Now that's gross!
A blimpies, thats right BLIMPIES in my neighborhood had a bad bad case of food poisoning and was shut down.

I ate from them that day. Why oh Why. It was HORRIBLE. I had food borne illness for 3 days. It was a terrible time.

What was worse- that place also catered to an elementary school and over 100 kids ended up sick, most of them ended up at the hospital.

The reason for the food poisoning.. An employee had the flu and didn't wash his hands.
i dont think this classifies as a 'gross fastfood story' but my friend at the movie theater told me not to get butter on the popcorn.  I asked her why.. because I always did (this was years ago) and she took the butter and poured a little in a drink cup, and put soda water in the cup.  The butter turned all hard and floated to the top. It was the most disgusting thing ive ever seen.  No wonder I got stomach aches at the movies.

OH The only other fastfood horror I can think of is when my older brother found a 'blade' in his meatball sub at subway. It looked like it broke off from a machine or something. He coulda seriously got hurt. Mom took it to subway to warn them and never heard anything back from it.

And another time, we ate at Sizzler and I got food poisoning! Steak is NOT fun to throw up.. I should have chewed better :)
I used to work at a Burger King... got a couple horror stories...

We had a guy named Justin who worked there... No ethics at all... He'd drop buns on the ground, pick um up and use um... Dropped a fish pattie on the ground once... Picked it up and used it anyway... He even pulled an old chicken pattie out of the trash and used it once... Just totally disguisting stuff...

He was about the worst I've ever seen...
I went to a Flames Restaurant & after a LONG wait for my meal they brought me the wrong food...they had mixed up the order with another table. The person who got my order had already started eating it...but the waitress insisted on taking their plate & getting us both what we ordered. She took both plates back to the kitchen & returned to my table in about 2 minutes with the correct order. I was convinced she just prettied up the plate the other person had started eating off of & brought it out to me. I was so grossed out I refused it & left there without eating. Haven't eaten there since!  (I did buy one of their HUGE cheesecakes for Thanksgiving though! Mmmmm...caramel apple crunch cheesecake! :-)  
My cousin worked at taco bell when he was in high school and he said people would always spit in food when the customer's were rude.
I don't know if this constitutes as a gross fast food story, but  for some reason, I threw up after I ate at a local Boston Market and every since then, I have a huge complex about that place.
Sick. I don't have any fast food stories to share, really. But after reading all of this, I have another reason not to eat fast food and probably not at restaurants for a while.

I eat at the Greek stand at the mall, though. They cook everything directly in front of me, so I can see what's going on, including the kabobs and the pitas.
This wasnt a fast food place i worked at (well i guess the front area was for the take out....but it was a restaurant as well)....but this guy called and ordered some burritos and i guess he sounded rude over the phone. the kid who answered got all mad and was like 'NOBODY TALKS TO ME LIKE THAT'....and took a 2 ounze up and filled it with spit and layed it out on the burritos. the guy walks in and i realized it was my good friends friend.

I also worked at other restaurants where hamburgers or something would fall on the floor and they would yell out '5 second rule!' and put it back on the grill.

I once saw pubic hairs in some icecream that i was about to serve. i saw it on the scoop and quickly threw it on the floor like 'oops, i dropped it'... i really didnt wanna serve it but i didnt know what to say as to why i didnt wanna give it to him (i didnt give him the hairy one... )
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I am NEVER ever going to patronise fast food restaurants again!
We used to have the anchovy firing squad in our games at the pizza place - losers would have to stand against the wall facing the squad who were armed with a single anchovy each, anchovies stick to your skin and smell really bad - extra points were awarded for a direct forehead hit. LOL.

Promise we never served any of the used ones though!
here's one : one of the other waiters at a restaurant where i worked had a special trick for filling the glasses of carbonated sodas faster (especially diet coke which fizzes a lot). his trick? nose grease. seriously. he'd swipe the top of his nose to get some of the grease from his complexion onto his finger, then put his finger into the drink to get the fizz to die down so he could fill the glass faster. true story. so, so gross.
both mcdonalds and subway have given me...horrible bad bathroom no color in my face, didnt know which way it was coming out, cold chills, the works

ug horrible...ill still eat there though haha

the moral of the "spit in the food of rude customers" DONT BE A RUDE CUSTOMER :D
Ugh. My birthday was Saturday so I treated myself to a club sandwich at Wendy's. I took a bite and it was chewy. And pink. And raw. Not the worst, I'm sure. But gross none the less. 
GOLLY! what a way to kill an appetite-

*LIGHTBULB* I think I just may have perfected the killing of late night hunger cravings... NEW SCIENCE BORN- grossfoodology...

But seriously, I was just about to go eat some cereal because I *was* hungry... and now I think I'll just go to bed... drink some fresh water... =D this seriously might be a good cure! haha
Waiting in line to order at at a KFC I saw the the Girl filling an order drop the tongs on the floor and pick them up wipe them off on her nasty crusty pants and use them again. The manager was right there and didn't say a thing. I left and never went back to that one again.

 I also have worked fast food. McD's and Taco Bell and I can say honestly I NEver saw anyone spit in food because someone was rude.  I did however make a coworker throw an entire pizza out and wash his hands  because he ran his hands thru his hair as he was making it and didn't wash them. I was so grossed out. I threw out the other 4 pizzas he had made and remade them just to be sure everything was kosher.
I wanted to take the night off from cooking and eat out but I think I'll whip something up for the family...these stories are yucky!!
One of my teachers in middle school did an experiment where they took a fast food hamburger (I think McDonalds) and kept it for about a year. The only thing that changed was the lettuce. Eww...... That's an insane amount of preservatives...
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