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Grocery shopping at Walmart vs. your local grocery store?

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Where do you think you get the best deals--at Walmart or the grocery store?  I used to do my grocery shopping at Super Walmart because everything was so inexpensive, but then it got annoying to go over there because of all the crowds, so I switched back over to the grocery store.  The nice thing about grocery stores is that they have more things on sale & if you have a coupon, then they will usually double it.  However, their prices are still kinda high & I always spend more than I like. 

Anyway, I switched back over to Walmart again & I swear their prices are a lot higher than they used to be.  I know it's because all the food prices have risen EVERYWHERE so it makes me wonder--where is it better to shop now--Walmart or a regular grocery store? 

I spent $90 last week & need help in lowering that gosh-darn bill.  Coupons don't seem to help much because they are usually for frozen dinners or boxed/canned foods, which I don't eat too much.  Or they are for things I would never buy in the first place.  Too bad there's never any coupons for fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, or meats (and I'm referring to the fresh ones--not boxed up & frozen).....

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wal mart is an evil, evil devil and should be avoided at all costs. period.

So in the UK walmart = Asda, which is, in my opinion one of the worst food stores, the quality of the meat/the price. Not good.


I shop in Sainsburys and when i plan my weekly shop i use it compares the price of your basket with other  shops and i've confirmed my suspicions that my super market is the cheapest, but also in terms of free range food and stuff it seems to me that they have the best welfare standards too, shop around, the biggest name isn't always the best. My bill since doing this has gone from around £80 a week to £45 without giving up my morals...

Walmart is currently trying to close a local grocery store that has operated here for over 50+ years.

A lot of the meat and produce at Walmart are subpar and wretched, but they do have occasional good prices and items that I can not find at the other grocery store. Overall, I would rather shop at my local grocery store as opposed to the God aka Walmart.

It makes me sick to hear about wal-mart pushing local businesses out of their own towns.  Boycott.  Buy local.  Grown your own. 

If something has more than say, 5, ingredients, you shouldn't be eating it anyway and that's the kind of garbage you save money on by shopping at wal mart.

oh Walmart isn't all that bad--it does help you save money in comparison to other stores, which means your wallet doesn't burn a hole in your pocket every time you go grocery shopping.  I'd rather get more for my money than less.

However, grocery stores usually have double coupons & such, so I guess I'll just have to comparison shop & check out their weekly circulars.

actually, it is all that bad -- at the expense of their own employees --your neighbors-- your family -- you.

yeah, I know they treat their employees like crap, but I doubt if they ever go out of business because people save a lot of money by going there.  The general public cares more about saving money on their monthly budget than anything else these days. 

Luckily there are plenty of other places to go to if one doesn't enjoy going there.  I usually go where I can save the most money, but that seems to be getting more & more difficult to find.



I find that the fresh stuff at our local walmarts is substandard... so I dont buy it there.  In fact, I dont shop at walmart on a regular basis-- not because of some ethical mission but because I am not finding that the prices are that much better and the quality seems to me to be substandard.

I try to shop local when at all possible but.... really, if you live in a city type area there really isnt a "local" shop-- we have all at least state wide chains.  A mom and pop would be nice but I imagine you wouldnt have the selection of produce that you can get at a chain.  I do shop local for meat.

Original Post by tahitisweetie123:

The general public cares more about saving money on their monthly budget than anything else these days. 


Which is why the world is going downhill fast. People care more about saving money, and thus, all the jobs are going overseas, people are being paid BARELY minimum wage and then have no health insurance, or have health insurance  that is so expensive they can't pay for it so they have to rely on the government...

And then people who go to Wal-Mart get so surprised when their neighbors are out of a job because their store they've had open for 40+ years closed, or their farm went out of business because all the goods are now being imported (read: crappy cheap food). And those same Wal-Mart shoppers are surprised when all the goverment services they want are being used up by (you guessed it) the minimum wage workers who can barely sustain a living from working at WAL-MART!

Yes, Wal-Mart's not that bad. They save you 50 cents a gallon on milk, and GASP you can buy that really expensive cereal for cheaper at Wal-Mart! You know why that is? Because Wal-Mart strong arms businesses to sell their products for cheap or they WON'T CARRY THEM.

So yeah, Wal-Mart's not that bad.... It's just going to help society as a whole completely destroy itself.


edited to add: No, I don't shop at Wal-Mart. And no, I wouldn't shop there even if it was cheaper, because their products are completely substandard. I prefer to shop locally (local super markets, local Mom and Pop shops, local farmer's markets) whenever possible, because I know that I can get good deals if I'm careful. Also, if you go to the same store time and time again, the checkers will get to know you, and help you out. I got $2 off a frozen pizza I bought for my boyfriend the other day because the checker clipped a coupon for me. YES he did it while I was in line and there were other people behind me.

I do a mix of both larger stores and local. We have a good local butcher and a couple of decent farm shops in my area and they often prove much cheaper on products (usually also of a higher quality) compared to large stores. However, this isn't always the case. My Dad is a first aider for a large warehouse belonging to a chain store, and so we get pretty large discounts in that particular store (Sainsburys, for UKers). Which is always nice and can really help us cut back on our totals. x:

We also tend to go buy bulk on certain items - particularly pasta, rice, oats, and dried beans. It comes out cheaper in the long run when we do this. Sad part being it's only doable with dry store stuff. ><

we switched over to Walmart last month and on average it saves us $20-$30 a week.....thats $80-$120 month! We dont buy any meat there though because i dont like that there isnt a butcher on we but all our meat in bulk at Costco. I have gone back to our local grocery store to do a check on the prices and the savings we get at Walmart is worth the crowdedness! We are just too financially strapped right now to pass up saving that kind of money....

I just don't like Wal-Mart for a lot of reasons I won't go into here.

I shop at more than one place a week.  I find that Trader Joe's has some reall bargains, such as their bananas, and their store brand of some things, like soft goat cheese, is economical.

At Whole Foods Market, I also find lots of great bargains.  The have a reputation for being expensive, and their fancy produce is.  But their store brand of olive oil, fruit spread, no salt added canned foods, no salt added tuna, and many other items are a good price. 

Then there are the little ethnic groceries.  I frequent a small green grocer and also a local Korean grocery store for vegetables and condiments.  I get my spices at an Indian market and at a Mexican grocery, at a quarter the price of those bottles in the supermarket.

In the summer, there's a wonderful, small farmers market with locally grown food at a good price.

You just have to look around you and take the time to do it.

I don't shop at WalMart because there's a local store that's much closer, with much better produce and meat, for right about the same price.  And the employees are happier and are treated better.

I agree with Clarelaine - I've found wonderful deals at Trader Joe's (just wish it were closer), and now we're entering farmer's market season, the produce should be really good and cheap.

I've also signed up to, and have found a bunch of savings that aren't listed in ads, mailers, or newspapers.

Really?  I was always under the impression that stores like Trader Joe's & Whole Foods were more expensive because they sell organic foods.  Granted, I've never been there before because they don't have either one in my area.  

I don't buy steaks or fresh fish at Walmart either...for some reason it just scares me!  The produce/fruits seem to be fine though...a carrot is just a carrot no matter where it's purchased in my opinion. 

Sounds like we're all in the same boat--we all want quality food, but the prices just keep getting higher and higher.

Our walmart has nasty meat and produce.  The canned and boxed stuff seems ok but honestly it's not worth having to drive all the way out there and then go the other direction to my grocery store.  I double coupon and shop sales (saved $62.09 today) so that to me is better then wasting the gas and time. 


tahitisweetie123: Trader Joe's and Whole Foods aren't bad, especially Trader Joe's. I can actually find some things CHEAPER there than at Safeway or Raley's... Like my Almond Breeze? It was 2 bucks at TJ's the other day and it was 3.69 at Safeway! It all depends on when you go (sales, coupons, etc,.), and how well you're able to spot a good deal.

Driving from store to store is bad for the environment.  Better to get it all at the same place.

You can get really great deals at Trader Joes. I prefer anything to Walmart. 

Original Post by tahitisweetie123:

Really?  I was always under the impression that stores like Trader Joe's & Whole Foods were more expensive because they sell organic foods.  

While organic food does typically cost more, that's not the only thing TJ and Whole Foods sell.

I did price comparison between getting some standard items at TJ (milk, chicken, oatmeal, bananas, frozen vegetables), then looked at what the store closest to my house offers - TJ was less.  

I like Wal-Mart for everything but fish and the occasional beef roast or steaks that I buy.  I get my chicken there and ground beef to add to spaghetti sauce for the family.  I save a lot of money shopping there on both food and cleaning supplies and it saves me gas because I can buy so many other things there as well.  I used to work at Wal-Mart and while I can't speak for every store, I was treated just fine.  Sure, they don't pay hourly workers that much but none of the retail stores pay very much and there is plenty of room for advancement if you have the ambition.  As for the health insurance, most of the people I worked with either had health insurance through another family member or are working at Wal-Mart as a second or retirement job and already have another source for health insurance.  Those that have the insurance don't think it's as horrible as most people think.  Did you know that Burger King doesn't offer it at all unless you're in management?

There has only been one local grocery store that has closed since the Super Wal-Mart opened and that was an Acme Market.  I personally stopped shopping there long before Wal-Mart because they never had enough registers open and the lines were always too long.  It shouldn't take longer to stand in line to check out than it does to select your groceries.  I do, however, get my produce during the Spring and Summer months at the Farmer's Market whenever possible.  I know it's politically correct to hate Wal-Mart, but I don't follow the crowd.

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