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graduation gift/money

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Just want to know an average.  What do you give a High School graduate for money?  If it is a niece/nephew?  A neighbor?

Would love to hear what you give, very uncertain on this one for myself.
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If it's a relative I usually give $50. I'm only a few years out of college myself and don't make a ton. Now if it's a family friend and/or neighbor I typically have been giving $25 or $30.
It would depend, in my opinion, on whether they were already getting a lot of gifts/money from other sources.  If they're already spoiled then they don't need much more than a nice gesture.  If they aren't very well off I would try to be more generous.  Say, in the 50-100$ range. 
but everyone's opinion of "well off" is different...
I got a picture of a 3d cat and a dustbin when i left highschool. And a well done i'm proud of you.

I don't see the point in financial rewards just for finishing school.
Some people put that money towards college.
I went to a high school grad party (it was my friend's) and I gave her a one of those hallmark cards that sing when it opens (themed for graduation of course) and a $25 kohls giftcard. She loves kohls :P
Well to be honest, my mum housed me, clothed me, for almost 17 years of my life... i don't want money from her for doing something that just about everyone does. Finishing school doesn't make someone special. 
i just graduated and the average i got was 20 from distant relatives that i've probably met only once. 50-100 from grandparents and around 50 from other relatives that i am around most often. i have to honestly say though, give the grad money. you may want to get them something from "the heart" but that isn't going to help them in college.
Is this person even going to college?
no wonder my generation thinks acts so entitled.
What's wrong with a simple "well done"? 
Yes, all three (2 nieces, 1 neighbor) are going off to college.  I think I will give the nieces $50 and the neighbor $25.  Next year my daughter will be graduating HS and going off to college, which she will be footing the majority of that bill so money will be very helpful.

Next year may be different since we will be invited to at least over 20 friends of hers that we are also friends with their parents thru sports, those situations I may only give $15 to each graduate so it is not so overwhelming. 

I would have preferred to give my nieces a microwave or bedding for their dorms, but they don't have roomate information yet so they don't really know what they need to bring. 

I remember at my HS grad I received close to $1000. and I payed for my car insurance in full for 2 years so I didn't have that worry while I went to college.  It was extremely helpful and I was very grateful for that help.

Thanks for all the replies so far.
how about a card? 
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at my highschool graduation I got $500.00 and it was spent on crap...   But my cousin just graduated and he is going to college... is $20.00 enough??   We're not close at all...
Jackie, I don't think anything is wrong with that.
is this a new thing?  an American thing?  i've never heard of giving cash for high school grad.
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its not a new thing...   but it might be an American thing...  I'm not sure.. 
well american's do have to pay for their schooling post-highschool.
so do canadians, but no one was handing me cash at my grad.  and i've attending graduation at my home high school for the last five or six years, and i don't think this happens.  parents help out if they can, of course, and grandparents, but friends, neighbours, and extended family don't.
My father gave his next door neighbor $50 well it was in a gift cert. Seems like alot. But she comes from a single parent home(father has custody of four kids) and she needs more than anybody probably.
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