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Girls' night in game suggestions

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Hi ladies!

This Friday some girlfriends and I are having a girls'-night-in.  Instead of going out to the bars and such, we're getting together for some movies, food, cocktails and games.

But what games?  No strictly language-based games like Scattergories or Taboo because we're a mixed bunch with different native languages.

Please give me your ideas for fun, inexpensive games that adult women (25 - 35 y.o.) can play.  Best if we don't have to buy anything.


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One game that my friends and I play is 31.  You only need a deck of cards.

I don't know how many friends you are talking about, but Werewolf (aka Mafia) is a fun game to play in groups and you don't have to buy anything.  You can search online and print off the cards (you need very few). There are also online murder mysteries you can get without having to buy anything. 

Spin the bottle.

Original Post by floggingsully:

Spin the bottle.

 Ha, ha!  That's what my husband said!

There'll be four or five of us there.

Well, if you're having cocktails, you could have that "I have never.." game. I actually don't know if that is what the game is called, but you start out with a shot glass or a glass of alcohol or whatever and you sit in a circle. The first person starts with saying something like "I have never...gone to prison" and if you HAVE gone to prison, you take a shot or you take a sip of your drink. And then the next person will say "I have never...had sex in a pool" and if you HAVE had sex in a pool, you take a shot or a sip from your drink. And then the next person says "I have never... kissed a girl" and if you HAVE kissed a girl, then you take a shot or a sip from your drink. Get how it works? Its actually pretty fun, doesn't need any type of cards, and you can find out juicy secrets from your friends.

Or if you don't plan on being totally drunk by the end of the evening, I'd just go for good ol' Truth or Dare.

You're never too old for Truth or Dare!

Card games: a-hole and bs. Just type the curse word fully in the wikipedia addy. Others: Canasta and Spades*t_(game)**hole_(game)

Charades-Divide the group into 2 teams and determine how long each round will be. Have each team brainstorm and write the names of the things to be acted out. Have them write each one on a small piece of paper and put them in a hat or something. The first person chooses a paper from the opposite team's bowl and acts out the name or phrase. Remember - no talking allowed! Only the team of the person acting out tries to guess. If the timer goes off before the correct answer is guessed, no point is earned. It is now the other team's turn. Alternate turns between teams and the one who guesses the most correctly wins. The beauty of it is that you can invent your own rules so all the charades must be acted out in a certain time, or are specific to one topic. Some people do holiday themes, etc.

The Cherry Game -  First you ask your guests who likes cherries. When you have a few volunteers, place a maraschino cherry in a bowl in front of them. Explain that this is a race to see who can eat the cherry first! The rules are they can not use their hands. Just as they think this is an easy game, fill each bowl with whipped cream. Now the fun begins! The winner is the first person to find and eat their cherry. Make sure you have a camera handy.

The game: ‘Who Am I’. - This game involves everyone writing down the names of famous people and putting them into a hat. One player then draws out a random name at a time and doesn’t look at it. They stick the name to their forehead to let everyone else see which famous person is written on it. Then they have to ask questions to the group who will answer about the person. The player must aim to guess the name they have on their forehead and if they do so then they win the round and the hat full of names is passed onto the next person.

Another variation on this game is called ‘Famous Face’. Same game just slightly different. It can be set up in the same way as ‘Who Am I’, but this time the player gets to look at the famous name they’ve drawn from the hat. When they do, they then must act our either physically or verbally who they are and the other players have to guess. These games are great ice-breakers and when the players split into teams it can add an extra element of fun and competition.

I did this for my birthday, sort of.  I actually had a whole old-school slumber party but with wine theme.  I even got a friend's old-school Nintendo.  Apparently Duck Hunt does not work on giant flat screen TVs.  It was great.  I thought we would play truth-or-dare and stuff, but we ended up drinking wine and just talking and laughing and never actually got to games. 

Card games are always good.  Spades if it's four people, or bridge if you are super adventurous.  Uno is good too.  You don't have to speak the same language for those.

You could go back to 2nd grade and play "telephone" where one person whispers a word in the next person's ear and so on until the last person says it to see if it changed from the beginning.

I hope you have fun!  Girls night in is great!  I'm going on a rafting trip with two of my girlfriends this weekend that I am totally excited for, so I totally grinned when I saw your post!

Pictionary! Always good for a few laughs

I wish I had some good answers. Our games are usually "b'tch about our exes" and "gossip about people"

Oh, I just thought of another one...PRANK PHONECALLS!

Oh my God that almost does sound like fun

Jenga (should only cost like $10), Rummikub (sp?), Uno, other card games like Hearts or Spades. Steal some kid's/husband's console and play games like MarioKart.

Who?What?When?How? game. Its easy and super cheap, great for ladies nights in. All you do is get a bunch of note cards(or cut same size pieces of paper) ,and as many pens as there are people attending. You have everyone write down questions to ask : example : How old where you when you had your first kiss? then put them in a hat or bowl, mix and take turns drawing them out and answering. You and your friends bond and get to know things about each othere you may not have known before :)

Search the net for "Nertz" It is a blast, you can play as singles or in pairs. We went away for a girls w/e and played this in the lounge of our hotel and ended up having 4 additional players ask to join! You just need a deck of cards per person or team.

ring of fire! Laughing


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