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Gift Idea for Teenage Boy in Hospital?

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I'm trying to find a gift (around $15-20) to take to a 17-year-old boy who is undergoing cancer treatment.  I don't know him well enough to know what books he would like (although I was thinking comic books might be good).  Also, food/candy is out because he's puking.  Anyone have any ideas?

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a playboy. nothing says feel better soon then some naked ladies haha.

If he has a comic-book-reading side to him, I recommend Watchmen by Alan Moore. That way he can look forward to seeing the movie when it comes out next month, too. :)

Apparently chemotherapy does very little for your libido.  So maybe no porn this time :)  I think Watchmen would be great, just hope he hasn't already read it.

For a comic book, the Watchen is amazing. There is also the death of Superman and look for one called the MAXX (Its pretty awesome).

Also, what would be nice is a 'Snuggie'. When i was in the hospital i was cold as heck and would have killed for one.

I try to take time consuming things to the patients.  Nothing they'd have to focus on, like crossword puzzles, but a simple colouring book and crayons can do wonders.

How about just a cheap little radio (if he can have one and doesn't already)?  Then he's got his choice of music or sports channels to listen to.

I think we're going with Watchmen - thanks for all the great ideas!

If it's possible to borrow a handheld game system he may enjoy that. If he does already have one. I'd suggest buying him another game for it if he does. Even the old games he's played may help pass the time ect. Even if you can't ' buy ' one for a gift I'd suggest borrowing one. Or an MP3 player so he can listen to some music without bothering people,ect.  ( I'm not sure if he shares a room with someone or not. But, the headphones would help so he could use it whenever day or night. ) I realize that it may be outside the price range, but these are things people should easily let you borrow to use. ( I'd imagine. He may have teenage friends that would bring such things for his use if they were told,ect. People generally want to be helpful when possible. )

Oooh. Sometimes if you ask people want it's very simple things nobody would've ever thought to bring like gum.Lol. Or a new soft one person sized blanket. I had a friend that just wanted some gum so badly! That's all. ( couldn't eat, ect.)

It's really nice - he's at a children's hospital and they have lots of gameboy-type systems that all the patients can use (and not like you have to sign up three days in advance for a 20-minute turn either!)

Does he like music? You could get him some magazines, like AP or something.

How about a deck of cards, or some 'travel' sized games (battleship, chess etc.?) Or some different games for the consoles they have- he might be bored with the ones there? Enchantingimage had a good idea- get some of his friends to bring in stuff they know he'll like- or ask them yourself to get a better idea of what he'll appreciate?

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