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Funny Habits, Pet Peeves, Obsessions Post Here

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Ok, I will start.

I am doing laundry today, and was think to myself, how Pee'd off I get at my son who's 14.  He takes his socks off in a rolling motion, so you can visualize, the foot of the sock and a huge roll.  I have to take my hand and unroll it... ok that's one pet peeve.

Also, I baked a cake for my family, covered it with saran wrap, and yep you guessed it... Son takes a piece, leaves the knife there with out the saran wrap back on the cake.

Funny Habbits I have I wipe my bathroom base boards twice a week.  Ok maybe thats obsessions.

I make my bed as soon as my hubby leaves the door for work. 

So, please share yours...
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ooh, this is a good post.

pet peeves: I hate when my husband takes his coat off and won't hang it up in the closet.
I hate when people (including when I) pile things on the dining room table. I want to have the option to eat there!
My husband takes his socks off in a gross way too. He kinda stamps his foot and pulls it back off and then pulls the other one so it's inside! Ick!

Weird Habits: I have a ton of these but I can't really think of anything particularly interesting right now.
pet peeve - Clean laundry piles - Dirty clothes can lay around for weeks, but I absolutely loathe seeing clean clothes in a pile.  The second they come out of the dryer they need to be hung up or folded and put away.
Heres another, empty milk jugs in the fridge.  We have bagged milk, some one empties it and puts the jug in with out changing the bag or even taking the old one out...

Kelly, yep , I agree with the laundry.  Hung and folded and put away.
I agree with the laundry too! Hubby doesn't understand why you can't leave it to put away tomorrow. I have to put it away. Plus I hate to iron so I'd rather hang it up!
Speaking of that, I fold my sons... Put it in his room, and you guessed it.  It never finds the drawer...
I think hubby would be like that if I didn't make sure it got put away as soon as it is done. I can't stand it sitting there though. And then where are you supposed to put the dirty clothes if the clean ones are in the basket?
Oh yes!  More people who agree with having to put clean clothes away immediately :-)  My pet peeve - hubby comes home and takes his socks off as he comes through the door and leaves them every where but either the laundry room or the clothes hamper!
Oh.. I hate the sock thing too. Also.. I don't know if anyone else does this, but it's really gross. My b/f is sometimes too lazy to grab a kleenex, so he'll just grab the closest piece of dirty clothes and use that. Ugh... gross.

I also don't like a cluttered dining room table, but do it all the time. Another pet peeve... people who don't rinse out their dishes. I hate that one!!

Um.. I'm sure there are more.
My dogs wet nose on my patio doors... I clean them twice a day...

Shayes post reminded me of that!!
Pet peeve: people who don't use their turn signals!!!! Drives me nuts!

Obsession: email!

Also, I'm sort of anal in that when I shower, I have a very specific order I do things...shampoo, condition, wash the body (shave if I feel like it), rinse the conditioner off my hair. If the order is weird, I feel weird all day.

Anyone else hate standing in line at the cash register and the person in front of you is totally rude to the cashier??
argh - I hate it when the person in line in front of you either chooses not to read the signs or decides they are above them:

I was in the "express lane" at the grocery store.  The big signs said 1-8 items, cash or credit card only - NO CHECKS.  Some woman in front of me has at least 20 items and demands to pay with a check and then gripes out the poor 15 year old checkout kid.  "How am I supposed to know you won't take a check in this line?".  Three of us in unison said, "It's on the sign".  She then demands to speak to the manager. 
Good post :)

Pet peeves: People who don't read directions/signs etc then ask me questions when what they wanted to know was right there.

Bad drivers

People who talk on the cell phone while being a bad driver. 

when family members take the last of something in the fridge or pantry and leave the empty container there... arggghhh there's nothing more frustrating than that (or when they leave one swallow of milk or tiny sliver of something behind just so they don't have to throw something away lol)

Weird habits:

I am obsessive compulsive about making sure my keys are in my hands when I leave my car.  I can't throw them in my purse and then lock up, I have to see the keys in my hand when I am outside of the car or I can't lock it without checking and rechecking. 

I am also a compulsive email checker :)
oh my gosh kelly that lady was so rude. I used to work as a supervisor for cashiers and we used to have these tiny little registers that weren't for a bunch of stuff and there were a ton of signs all over saying they were for 20 items or less. I cannot even tell you how many people would go there anyway! It was ridiculous. Then they would be rude about how small the checkout was. Um, yeah, that's because it's not meant for your huge cart of groceries!
Pet peeves-

*My husband doesn't reuse his towels. I like to save energy and time spent doing laundry by reusing my towels at least once or twice. He hangs his up over the shower door when he's done then gets a new towel the next day. I finally decided that I will not wash his once used towels. So now there are 8 towels building up on the shower door.

*My number one complaint is about people and activities that waste my time.

Weird habits/Obsessions

*I am a total germ freak and I can't stand the idea of pet food germs being spread anywhere in my house. If I feed my cat I have to wash my hands with super hot water all the way up to my elbow. If I even touch a bag of cat foot I have to wash my hands. About a year and a half ago some cat food spilled in my trunk and to this day I will not put groceries in there. I can't even walk through the pet food aisle in the grocery store without being totally grossed out and wanting to disinfect. And every single time my husband feeds our cat, I say "Make sure you wash your hands with lots of soap and hot water" Oh yeah and I actually hold my breath while I am feeding my cat so I don't breathe in the germs floating in the air around it.
wow where do I begin, and I'll never remember them all.

people that don't use turn signals.

My husband takes his boxers and pants off all in 1 motion so his boxers stay in his pants

He also rolls his dirty socks as if he was going to put them back in the drawer.

And he'll put things he just got done wearing on top of the pile of clean clothes cuz it's not dirty yet...

I hate when the dishes get mixed up in the dish washer.  all the bowls should be with the bowls, plates with the plates, silver ware all pointing down.

I hate dripping faucets

I have a specific way of building sandwiches or anything on a bun.  Any condiments go directly on the bread.  Heavier ones on first.  then gotta mash the top and bottom of the bun or 2 pieces of bread so condiments are evenly distributed.  Then if something like cheese is going on, that's directly on the top of anything warm like a hamburger patty.  This is so the cheese melts down.   Any veggie toppings to on top of the cheese EXCEPT relish which goes between the cheese and the hamburger so the melted cheese can seal the relish into the sandwich...

Any wrappers I carefully fold up.  if the wrappers are small and won't stay folded (like say something like my protein bar wrappers) I fold them long and linear then tie them into a neat knot.

Throughout the week I fill up old 24oz aquafina bottles with water from the water cooler at work because I don't like our tap water at home.   I have enough bottles so I have enough water to drink on the weekends and we rarely have to buy more bottled water.

The tab on my pop can is always turned to a 90 degree angle to the left so the tab doesn't touch your nose when you take a sip.

I always count the stairs while walking up or down them.

I pile dishes the dirtiest on top and cleanest on the bottom.  I hate when dirty dishes are just thrown in the sink.  They should go next to the sink.  Keep my sink empty so I can still use it!

I hate the sound of people chewing their nails.  I don't like hearing them clip their nails in the office either. 

I hate call waiting, but I like call waiting ID.   People that keep calling and calling cuz they didn't get the answering machine drive me mad.  And no, that doesn't mean you should then call my cell phone!

I hate the sound of windshield wipers on nearly dry glass.  

Oh, I'm sure there's more...
are there really germs in pet food that you can catch? 
I don't know but that is a scary thought.

The dishes story reminded me; I have to do dishes in a certain order. If it gets messed up, like if hubby brings me something after it's that turn to be washed I feel funny washing it out of order.
The order is plates, bowls, silverware, glasses and then pots and pans.
Hubby and I can't work together in the kitchen because I like to do things in a set way and he has no set way :-)  He some how always ends up in exactly the wrong spot using the wrong thing at the most agravating time.  Much easier to let him do all or none.  Oh and I hate it when it's his turn to do the dishes and he leaves them until the next morning.  I have to have the kitchen spotless before I go to bed because I hate walking into a mess in the morning.
my mom is totally like that avant. She absolutely cannot stand dirty dishes in the sink when she gets up in the morning. Me, sometimes I can wait a day or two, but that's it. When I lived alone I got really busy one time and they had to wait like 3 weeks and they were so disgusting I almost threw up. It was awful and I refuse to do that again.
-->I do the washing dishes in order thing. FIrst everything is rinsed and seperated. then Its utensils, then plates, bowls, cups, and finally pots/pans. If luke comes over and throws somthing in out of order, I get frustrated.

--> My biggest pet peeve is people who get overly upset at small things. Like a restaurant is out of what they want and they throw a fit.. just order something else! Making a scene is not going to magically replenish their cabinets.

--> and people who talk about you like you werent there. but youre standing right in front of them!

as for funny habits, does laughing after everything you say a habit? cause apparently I do after every single sentance. except if its like a somber occasion, even then theres a nervous titter occasionally.
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