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Where are you from

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Ontario here
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Born in and lived whole life in Iowa, right next to the Mississippi river, where there isn't anything to do but cook fab meals and EAT!
Southcentral Pennsylvania (outside Reading)
Chicagoland area :)
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Peachtree City, GA expecting some nasty storms tonight, tornado watch!  Oh well, atleast it is not freezing cold!
Columbus, Ohio
Boston, Whatevah!
Greetings from Austria!!!!! Just another 2 months and I'll be back to beautiful MA.....yayy....
Manchester, UK
Living in maryland :) Baltimore, DC area...
falls church, va---------inside the beltway...
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North Arkansas between two beautiful lakes.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Blue Eye, Missouri south of Branson on Table Rock Lake.
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Born in in Lincoln Nebraska
providence, ri!

Born in Prague - Czech Republic and now living in Boone, Iowa 
I'm a Yooper.  That is someone who lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

Richmond Hill GA by way of Leavenworth KS.... Go figure!!
born in san jose, california. Moved to southern Oregon for a couple years, and now I'm back in San Jose.
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