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forever 21 clothing sizes

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I haven't been inside one of their stores before, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the clothes seem true to size? I want to order some things from their site.

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i wouldn't. their sizes can be weird depending on which article of clothing you get. and some things look cute but then look ridiculous wehn you have it on. it's one place i will only buy in store.

i think it would be best to go in their stores, as well. i love forever21, but it's really best to try things on. some items can look nice, but when they're on, they may have strange folds of bunch up in the wrong places. the only thing i would reccomend buying from their website that you could be totally sure of is their accessories. they have such charming earrings!

What's their return policy?

Definately try their stuff on before buying it. As already stated, some of their sizes are weird, some clothes just fit weird or different than you would expect.

Their return policy, buying from the store at least, is 21 days to return your item (easy number to remember!). Most malls have Forever 21 stores, so I would make the time to browse around.

As others have said, I would really take the time to try it on. The sizing can be pretty crazy. I usually wear a 27 but sometimes in their pants I can wear a 29 or a 25 depending on the item. The sizing can run extremely large and ridiculously small so I would try them on if I were you.

They're cheaply made clothes so they're very inconsistent. They look cute on (some of them) but they're not exactly high quality

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I've ordered stuff from their site before. I've only bought shirts and sun dresses though. The few skirts I have purchased I made sure to try them on in the store first. I would be wary to buy a pair of pants or a skirt from their without having a chance to try it on.
As others have mentioned their sizes are inconsistent, so if you have a difficult shape to fit it might be a problem. Depending on the style of shirt I'll order a small or medium, which is what I tend to get in all clothing stores. I believe they have a sizing chart when you add something to your cart? That might be of help.

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Ugh be careful when ordering from Forever 21. I almost always wear a medium from other stores but my size varies DRAMATICALLY from there. Go to the store if one is close by. However they do have a liberal return policy so all is not lost if something does not fit :-)

Definitely try before buy at Forever 21.  I'm usually a size L across the board, but I've tried on L tops there that I was swimming in and had to get a M, and others that I couldn't even begin  to pull down over my chest.

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