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I think we have fleas in the hosue from my neighbor's dog

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we just had new neighbor's move into the apartment on the other side of our duplex just a few weeks ago and they have a little dog that pretty much stays on a long rope in teh front yard

the dogs is pretty sad shape hygene wise but I think it's because my neighbor is elderly. not that that's an excuse not to properly keep your dog clean. but anyways. you see teh dog, it's pretty filthy and the back half of the dog, according to my neightboor, had a skin infection of some kind and it made her lose all her fur there adn it's grown back soemwhat and only one spot doesn't have fur, adn the neighbor said the skin desease has cleared up. I feel bad for teh dog so I've been trying to give her soem attention cause it feels like she doesn't get as much as she should petting wise and so everyday when I come home I've been petting her head, where the skin infection didn't reach at all, and all teh while she would wimper and whatnot for me to do something but I didn't know what.

now the last few days I've been feeling really itchy and have been finding what I'm pretty sure are flea bites and I thought about my neighbor's dog and realized how I'm always seeing her rubbign up against things and tryign to roll around on teh cement to scratch her back, which I thought before was maybe soem remnant effect of the infection adn now I realize that teh poor dog must be festering with fleas to be scratching that much and cryign the way she does when she wants to to scratch her (she often turns so her butt is towards me and wiggles it while she wines and looks back at me, which is a pretty obvious sign she wants someone to scratch there for her which I didn't touch since I dunno just how much the infection is gone or whatever)

anyways, so from me just petting her head I think I must have carried some fleas into our aparment and they are probably mainly in my bedroom since that's where I spend most of my time. tomarrow I'm going to get my cat a flea collar adn giving her a bath, and I'm soaking my bedsheets and stuff overnight and will wash them in the morning.

I doubt the infestation is serious yet, as I've had fleas in my house when I was younger form kittens I brought home that literally ate me alive and then suddenly dissappeared before we were able to bomb the house and right now I just starting to see teh signs of being making into a flea lunchable.

so are there any steps I can do to help clear out the fleas without having to fumigate/flea bomb my house?

this is really inconveniant timing as well since my boyfriend will be coming here in 2.5 weeks D:

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also what can I do to help with teh dog itself?
I don't want to go next door and sound liek I'm accusing him of beign a terrible owner, since I think his health is what's getting in teh way of taking car of his dog. so what can I do to help? like what should I say?

especially since I don't necessarily want to just up and watsh his dog for him since at this point I'm not sure what the dog does adn doesn't have that could be contageous to me or that I could give to my cat

oh and also, in case anyone is wondering why I'd pet a dog when I don't know for sure if it's safe health wise, it's because when I first saw teh dog the owner was outside and saw me petting the dog adn didn't say a word to me about any health problems, just told me her name and whatnot, so I thought health wise it was safe, I'm just not so sure now after all this time.

Does the neighbor have younger relatives visit him that you could talk to?  I know it does not sound socially acceptable, but the dog's health issues should be addressed and not just noticed.  I wonder what your neighbor's apt. looks like if his dog looks like that??  I would hate to sic the dog pound folks on this guy but it sure sounds like you need intervention of some kind.  What does your landlord or superintendent think of all this?  Good luck- and yeah, I'd worry about my cat though I would pet the dog, too.  That dog needs a Vet sooner than later.  Good luck.  I am not trying to be judgmental.  Just worried.

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Hello! You are very sweet for caring about the neighbors dog. There are so many people out there who would just brush it off their shoulders and let it suffer. Although the pet owner is old and has bad health, the neglect needs to be addressed. The dog would be better off somewhere else where he would be taken care of, since the man cant care for it anymore. You could call animal control and they will handle the problem anonymously, and wont take the dog immediately. They will just require the man to properly care for the dog and get rid of the fleas. If he doesn't do as they say, then they will take the dog...but something has to be done. Imagine a spot on your back constantly itching and not being able to do anything about it. It would be horrible! Fleas can emotionally and physically harm a they can be pretty annoying. Fleas bury their heads into the flesh, release saliva, and then blood flow is restricted in that area. Thats why it itches so bad. Im sure the owner knows about the problem, and might not mind a little help and guidance on how to get started with the fleas! Thanks for loving animals and food luck with your flea problem:) Petsmart has a ton of flea products to get them out of your apartment, like carpet powder and stuff like that. Also, you can bring any animal to the services department in petsmart and get them flea dipped. This kills the fleas instantly and you can literally see them jump off. This might be a temporary solution for your neighbors dog. Maybe he would let you borrow the dog and give you the $16 to take it and get it dipped...its worth a try!!


Run for your lives!

I'm curious to how this situation panned out since the OP's original post four months ago.  I hope the dog finally got that itch scratched.


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