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film inspired fashion?

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any ideas of films with costume you could work with to design from?


EDIT; sorry this sent before i was finished i wrote it on my phone....

i have to make a fashion garment accessorie inspired by  film costume!!


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Urm, could you be more specific?

Pillow Talk is great but so is Alien...

As in "Chicago" and 1920's  flapper styles?

What about futuristic fashion inspired by the 41st century setting of "Barbarella" ?

"Rebel without a cause" in the 1950's, started a trend for men to wear white T-shirts without a regular shirt over them (which was unheard of at the time), blue jeans, and leather jackets.

Not sure if that is the sort of thing you mean.

The fashion trends inspired by movies of the 60's 70's 80's and 90's era's has all been done to death... I say go older or more futuristic.

The 90s had a distinct style??

I think most things of the last century have been done to death. Not surprising really.

I'm a huge fan of 60s clothes (even though I can't wear it, Booo). Quite original were Emma Peel's clothes in the old The Avengers series.

Anything with Audrey Hepburn is great,  Star Wars and other old Sci fi classics often borrow from real history as an influence and can be great for inspiruation also.

Movies from the 40's also have some classic stylings.

Personally I tend more toward a more masculine style myself, though I'm not big on the Annie Hall version.

Is this for a fashion class or ??

Original Post by kikt:

The 90s had a distinct style??

Now I think of it, you are right, the 90's was a big mish-mash of previous era fashions. Frilly shirts paired with "drainpipe" pants came back for a bit, mini's and flares, hippy floral dresses and gypsy style tops and skirts. What a mess!

Oh, fun! I would do something Tim Burton that takes on a unique, morbidly romantic feel. Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas - the whole twisted fairytale theme captured in an accessory would be an accessory I would wear in a heartbeat. 

The Matrix caused several years of copycat style. It'd be a bit out of vogue now though I suspect.

You guys are awesome thank you so much, yeah it's for a uni project but i was hugely lacking inspiering films but thanks to you guys i have lots to go and watch now :) 

Thank you

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