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How do I figure out my actual size without vanity sizes?

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24 inch waist (narrowest) and 34 inch hips (fullest part), chest is about 34 1/2. What size is that in pants, tops and dress? Are pant sizes the same as dresses or different? It starts getting really confusing when I try to shop online. Every store seems to have different sizes but I'm curious if there is a general size I can go by. So many companies vanity size, are there any good reliable places to shop?
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Oh and I'm 5'7", about 125 so I have a hard time believing some of the sizing charts saying 0-2, that seems like vanity sizing.

I don’t think there is any general size you can go by, every store and manufacturer seems to use a different standard.

For pants, it may be the same as dresses or it might be different, depending on whether your bust-to-hip ratio is the same as the manufacturer’s standard or not.

An online shopping website should have a size chart somewhere on the site with a table of actual measurements showing how the measurements correspond to their sizes. Also, if you already have some clothing from that brand, you can use it as a guide.

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