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I am 6 feet tall...what length jeans should I get so it doesnt look like I'm expecting a storm?

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It sounds wierd but I dont understand the inseam stuff...I read somewhere that anything over 39" inseam is good for a person my height but I dont know.   I dont want to order online and get it and it fits like a capri... 
And what store is a good store for me to shop that doesnt make the jeans look all crappy just because its tall?  In other words where in the world do I find cute 39" inseam jeans?FrownCool
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I am 5'10 and can wear a 34'' inseam and its a tad bit too long for me.  Unless your legs are crazy long, I think that a 39" inseam is kinda long.  Forgive me if I am wrong. 
Measure your favorite jeans from crotch to bottom hem, and that should be your inseam. 
Mavi makes a nice long jean.

also is a great place to shop for tall things!
If you actually wanna go to a store and try clothes on.. anchorblue has pants that are really long, but I think the long ones are only in bigger sizes.. so it just depends on what size u wear
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Thanks lola and Ritzy... my problem is I'll somtimes maybe find the length but when I try it on its able to fit myself and a couple of my friends in it.  Then when I find the correct size the length is that of a capri... I found this website and it had jeans that were 37 inseam so i was just wondering if that was too short. and I'll look at tallgirlsshop too.  So thanks ladies!
My son is 6ft and he wears a 34 lenght My daughter goes into stores and looks for jeans that they sell in petite, regular, and longs. You can usually find them in different sizes and different lengths. 
why don't you measure yourself to see how long on an inseam to you?  I'm six feet tall and wear a 34" inseam.  it hits just below my ankle.
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Your actual height isn't what matters.... it is all in the inseam. People are tall in many different ways... they can be long waisted and have average legs and still be tall.

Take the advice above and measure the inseam (crotch to bottom of pant)of pair of pants you have that is the length you want.

Another link:

We sell 36" and 39" inseams in sizes 4-24 (US)
I am 5'10" and I wear a 36" inseam, like klippe said, it really depends on your inseam measurements. There is two juniors websites/catalogues that sells long jeans and pants. I don't have the links but one is called Alloy and the other is Delias. You will probably have to take more measurements b/c they are juniors sizes, and not womans. Good luck!
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