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Fat legs and summertime-Fashion Help!

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I haven?t worn shorts in over ten years.  In middle school a friend of mine (he is no longer a friend) said I had Popeye calves and I haven?t worn shorts since then.  I still have Popeye calves and my upper thighs are meaty (lower are muscular) but I get too hot wearing pants all summer long.  So this summer I?m thinking I might get a few pairs of shorts or at least capris.  Is there anyone out there with fat legs who wear shorts?  I?m thinking Bermuda shorts for me because I have ?hungry crotch.?  Are Bermuda shorts still cool?  Does a hungry crotch still eat them?  Do fat people look dumb in them?  It?s hard to tell because all the models on clothing websites are skinny.  I really don?t think I?ll have thin thighs by summer (or ever) and I don?t see my calves losing muscle tone anytime soon.  So what?s the consensus on chubby legs and shorts?
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I say do what makes you comfortable and not what other people like. Go shopping and try on different types and see what you like... pick the one that feels the best and what you feel makes you look best

I feel retarded in everything I put on unless it's jammies.  I really don't know what looks good on me and I have no friends here to help judge, only my husband.  He's useless.
Original Post by jewelsmcblah:

I feel retarded in everything I put on unless it's jammies.  I really don't know what looks good on me and I have no friends here to help judge, only my husband.  He's useless.

haha, I seem to feel especially retarded  in my pjs.

 I'm not sure if Bermuda shorts are considered 'in' this year, but I have found that I like them better than regular shorts, because they don't create that 'hungry crotch'. They usually look okay on me, and I have pretty big thighs. The only thing I would advise is to watch how the leg tapers at the knee. There are some styles that really follow the line of your thighs, and are really tight around the knee, which usually make the thighs look bigger than they really are. If you can find a pair that is looser around the knee, they should look better.

Even at my lightest, Im a pear and rarely wore shorts, opting for sundresses  - very casual with light material, plus crazy comfortable because there loose flowing.  I guess I had popeye calves as a volleyball fanatic because so much of being on my toes.  I think it really depends how the shorts are cut but personally think capris are super cute, plus flattering for the not skinny legs. 
I wear shorts.  I prefer men's shorts because they go down to the knee and I like the fit of men's shorts better, but I have a few pair of women's hot pants.  You know, really short shorts, and I wore them when I was around 180+ pounds.  I carried my weight well, and while I was big, I didn't look horrible in them.  I wear a lot of pantyhoses and fishnets, which made my legs look a little slimmer, but it was still very obvious I had thunder thighs.

I think the reason I pulled it off well was I had the confidence.  I still do, and I anticipate wearing hot pants again this summer, as soon as I get some that're my size again.
I live in Capris all summer and into the fall.  I'm partial to the ones that roll up and cuff around mid calf.  Cargo capris are my fave.  Some brands that carry cute ones are GAP, Lane Bryant, and INC.  I also wear sundresses, again the ones that fall to mid calf.  I have too much dimplage/cellulite, I think comments going way back early on was a final denominator in not baring my thighs.  However, I will still wear a two piece bathing suit at hotel swimming pools where I know not a soul...let them stick hot needles in their eyes, I don't care.

I don't know what Bermuda shorts are or what hungry crotch is for that matter. ***feeling really silly for not knowing****

But I have big thighs and large man calves too and this last summer I found a pair of short that were very flattering and didn't ride up.  They were right above the knee and they weren't strait or tapered.  They were like boot-cut slacks but shorts.  I think the slight flare slims the legs alot. And they were black.  Black is always slimming.  :)

Go for some that hits right above the knee. Forget that middle school comment. I bet your calves look fine. There's a wide range of shorts/capri pants out there. I've got big calves too so I avoid anything that accents that are, like pants that hit mid calf. But right above the knee is a good look and comfortable too.

I think the hungry crotch can be avoided by finding some that fit well :) Try on a hundred pair at 20 different stores, don't give up until you find something you like. There is a pair out there for you!

Edit: CD might have a good idea there with checking out the men's stuff too.
foxylday-st Bermuda shorts are long shorts that usually hit right above the knee.  Hungry crotch is when the middle of the shorts ride up toward your crotch caused by your thighs rubbing together.  I call it hungry crotch because it looks like a crotch is eating shorts.  So you knew what I was referring to!

Thanks guys.  I think I'm gonna try some Bermudas out and maybe some cropped pants.  I'll see how it goes.

Happy Family Day everyone!
I got some sexy Bermuda shorts there to big now but they did fit well over the thunder thighs and didn't ride up. I wish I had bigger calves it's hard for me to build mine.

I love capris. I have tons of them and I don't care if they are in or out of style. They are part of my summer style. I have big knees even when I'm thin, so I like capris because they go below the knee.

I am tall and I have a problem finding shorts that don't ride up as well. Part of the problem is the thighs rubbing, but I discovered I had the problem even when I was thin. It has to do with the cut and the material as well.

WEAR YOUR SHORTS!! and don't buy men's shorts; that's what they want you to do. (i don't know who "they" are, but they do.) bermuda shorts are good. my thighs have the same appetite as yours, so i feel your pain. but this year, i said f#$k it, and i've bought some regular length shorts. i'm gonna wear them around the house first to make sure i don't embarass myself, but come hell or high water, i will be wearing shorts this summer.

and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being muscly. it makes you look athletic. please don't hate your legs. listen, we're in the same boat there, too, and i freakin' love my calves. i love love love to wear pencil skirts that hit just at the knee with a pair of sexy platform heels. if you don't already wear stuff like that, try it, and you'll discovery a new love for your legs.

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