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The (explicative) called me fat

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So I went to the fair this weekend with my boyfriend, and I saw a girl that I used to interpret for.. I hadn't seen her in 6 months.  Well, we went to the little shops they had and left the guys playing hackey sack, and she proceeded to tell me i've gotten fat.  Well, I held back my tears and brought up her saying that about 10 minutes later and she said "well, it's true".  So, I went and got my boyfriend and left crying.

What gives people the right to say that??  She treated me like I weighed 700 lbs, and I've only got 25 pounds to lose.  I was p*ssed!!! and still am!!

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No sympathy?  =(
That is just horrible.  I would definitely be pissed as well!  I honestly do not know how you did not go off on her telling her how rude and inconsiderate she was to say that. 

Do not listen to anything she says.  She is obviously saying something to make up for her own inadequacies. 

Just out of curiousity, what does this 'perfect' person look like that she thinks that she has the right to make those kinds of comments?
I'll never forgot when my aunt said to my husband: "Gee Stephen, Patti sure has gotten fat!"  Like I wasn't even standing there.  I loved her anyway, God rest her soul.

Forgive her, what else can you do?
undertherainbow-- I wanted to go off on her and tell her she looked like a slut with her short skirt, high heels, and boobs hanging out.. But I didn't want to stoop to her level. 

I don't know how the "perfect" person looks, but she's definitely not it (me either). 

It seems like when you gain weight, you become public property for people to rip on you.

I hate the old (skinny) me!! She keeps coming back to haunt me. LOL. 
beachwalker-  That's a tough one.  I'm not forsure here, but I'm guessing she was older... What is it with some older people that think they can say whatever they want without thinking about how it will affect you?

I had a great aunt who told some whining kid on the bus to "shut the f*ck up" and the mom of the kid turned around and smacked her, lol.  I thought it was funny.
Good job on not stooping to her level...

I do not think anyone is 'perfect' and therefore do not have the right to tell someone else that they are 'fat' or what not. 

It would have been one thing if she was being concerned or saying something about weight because of your health or what not, but from your original post it sounds like she was just trying to be mean.

I think too often, people feel they have the right to comment on someone's appearance or life.  Maybe they feel like it is 'their duty', I do not know...

Just keep holding your head high and good luck with your weightloss journey :)
Well thank you, undertherainbow..

I'm going to use that comment to fuel my fire and drop the weight I want to.  Next time she can tell me i've lost weight (and I won't get pissed about that).
Oh my gosh!  That is hilarious guera (bus story).  I honestly do not know how I would react if someone spoke to my child that way...

I think all ages of people say whatever they want without taking into consideration of others feelings.  A lot of people just plain do not care... It's very sad.
That is really horrible.  What a cow...  Who knows why people think they have the 'right' to talk to others like that.  I am not good with snappy come backs, but its good that you resisted stooping to her level.  Sorry that this happened.
I'm glad my mom raised me right.  "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"...  I wish more people would have been raised with some manners..

The funny part about my aunt who got slapped is she was a paranoid schizophrenic (that's not funny) but she used to be convinced the government was watching her through her tv.  She used to save her garbage so the government wouldn't look through it.  She was a nice lady, but a little strange.  She gave me some rings and jewelry and told me not to wear it around my friends because they'd steal it.  Lol.
Thanks joyrae-- "cow".  That's funny.  I could have thought of several snappy comebacks, but I figured i'd better not.. She said it in front of the guy who was working the booth, too!!
Oh what ever.........she doesnt have much to say does she. I cant stand it when some says like my father said "Boy your looking a thick in the middle" This is coming from the guy that needs to looose as much as he should weigh.

Dont worrry about her your perfect in your own way and the only opinion that matters is yours
Well thank you bobbimonster..

PS-  I love your quote about boobies!
Just to play devils advocate - you said you used to interpret for her?  Is it possible that it is a problem understanding the nuances of the english language? 

If so, maybe it's just naive and can be forgiven. 

I'm wondering along with nanobriga on this one.  I lived for nine months in Russia, and they have a totally different idea on tact than your WASP American.  They'll tell you if you're too skinny or fat.  Same goes for a lot of Tongans, in my experience.

Heck, even my mother's family from down in Appalachian Kentucky didn't mind telling you what they thought of your weight or health or whatever else when compared to the Northeast, where I grew up.

Then again, maybe the offender is just evil incarnate.
This happens to me alot lately. These people don't even seem to consider that I just had my third child and barley have enough time in the day to take care of my family, let alone my body.
I've decided to turn those cold pricklies into the motivation I need to lose weight and when I do, forget "not stooping to their level", I am going to find them and use that same lines on them!

(Yes, I am REALLY pissed off too!!)


nanobriga and dnrothx-- I thought about the cultural thing as well.  Now, I'm not one of those people who says "if you live in the US you have to learn the language and stuff".  But, I think you should at least refrain from saying stuff like that!!  I've never experienced anything like this from the other people I used to interpret for.

natalieheuvel-- Now I'm not a mom, but I think it's especially rude when people say things like that to moms.  Like you said, you don't have a lot of time because you've got a family, and you just had a kid so they should lay off!  I think some people expect pregnancy weight to fall off overnight.  I'd be pissed, too.
guera--the problem lies in the fact that although you (and I) think that people should "at least refrain from saying stuff like that," other people do not and find it perfectly acceptable to point out other people's foibles (overtly in public places) to motivate them to improve themselves.

Who's to say which sense of tact is more acceptable, as long as she didn't mean to offend (I'd imagine intended offense is treated as evil across most cultures...)?

And then there was that thread from a month or so ago or so about the person that was called a heffer for eating a candy bar, where I think the purpose behind the comment was pretty malicious.  Unsure what the motivation behind the "interpretee" was here.
I don't know where the motivation lies.. I think she's glad I put on weight.  My boyfriend and I talked it over.  Her ex used to have a crush on me, so I think she was glad to see me put on weight.

Maybe that's just me justifying it, but, who really knows.  I, like many women, am extremely sensitive about my body. 
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