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Excessive Yawning after eating

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After eating sometimes I have bouts of uncontrolled yawning and am left feeling weak afterwards.  The yawns are 20-35 seconds apart and this lasts for a few minutes to fifteen minutes.  I am trying a gluten-free diet and the episodes are less - but I did have one tonight after no gluten all day.  Anyway - just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them and if perhaps it might be linked to certain trigger foods.  I'd appreciate input.  Thanks.
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You should see your doctor since exessive yawning without an explanation (ie. you're tired) can be a sign of health problems. 
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Happens to me all the time!!!!! My mom always says it is because I am not breathing right and not getting enough oxygen to my body..  I do this exercise tape called concentrates on breathing and when I do that I always yawn.. but after I do that I feel more energized. Just try breathing in deeper in and out for about  5 minutes and see what that does to you!
Yawning causes the body to draw in more air and the heart races faster than normal. Your brain or lungs may not be getting enough oxygen after you have eaten. What wishfulme said is very helpfull indeed.

My boyfriend yawns after dinner too and it drives me bonkers because it makes me yawn too. Of course I know he doesn't do it on purpose.

But if nothing works, then you should definitely get checked by a doctor because it may be a heart problem.
just posting so i can post later, i have something that might help you find out what may be causing the yawning but dont have enough time to post it all now so i'll post later :)
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