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I know this is sort of an odd topic, but the other day on the radio, they were talking about the different collections people have. Some were odd (balls of hair, for example), some were common, but all were fascinating.

I guess I can start...

I collect sushi books. I just love to look at the pictures. They're so pretty. I'm also getting into book collecting.
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i collect decrotave thimbles.. from everywhere i've been and ones that i find interesting.. and antique advertising thimbles and antique silver thimbles.. :) 

yes.. i'm weird
That actually sounds really neat. I'm sure they're great to look at, and don't take up a ton of room. 
shot glasses

and yes they get a lot of use ;)
i'm working on a mini bottle collection. those little tiny bottles of alcohol are too cute to ignore.
I collect people..
*heads off to chicago to abduct obsydian to add to his collection*

Mostly, though, I collect music :D
oh no!!!!  i think my hubby would have something negative to say about that!!!  and he'd kick your booty!  :) 
I collect key chains. When ever i go somewhere (or a friend goes some where and asks what i want) I always get a key chain.
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if I had lots of money...

I would collect watches...i love watches.
my aunt has this insane watch collection. it's really massive. she can
go an entire year without wearing the same watch twice. i'm envious. i
can't even find the one watch i do own. 
I collect books--old books.  Makes sense for a literature Professor, right??  :D
I really want to collect old books. I have such a love for all books. I
just love the way they look, smell, and reading them isn't half bad
either! :)
I collect fiestaware and other vintage dishes.  I've pretty much stopped buying new stuff and I'm selling off some of my older pieces and only keeping the ones I really love.  You can get crowded out of the house if you go overboard collecting.
I collect books; I have tons in my room of bookshelves, etc.

I also used to collect stuffed animals when I was little, but I stopped that when I was like 8. XD
I used to collect pounds, but lately, I've been shedding myself of the collection.
ohhh.. claire-  i have the new fiesta ware... and one or two pieces of the old stuff.. i LOVE it!!  :)  
I collect first day covers, postcards and vintage fabrics for quilts :)
I collect miniature tea sets and dolls.
I collect "Cherished Teddies" which are "going out of circulation" sucks. I also collect stuffed bears and Tim Burton Movies...
I collect Civil War photographs of women knitting socks.
MEN...!!!! when I get to
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