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Earthquake in Japan

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I know there are a few people on CC who are in Japan right now. I hope everyone is doing ok after the earthquake and tsunami that just hit the northern coast this afternoon. All of my friends are in Tokyo but I hope everyone else is ok.

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They're now worried about rising pressure in a nuclear power plant whose cooling system was knocked out.  :(

Crescent City and Santa Cruz, CA, were hit hard by the tsunami.  $Millions in damage.

Editing to add another article, which says that four people were swept out to see in Crescent City; one is feared dead.

Original Post by cptbunny:

8.9 is crazy!

I realize the tsunami is a big deal, but this earthquake is a level 8.9!?!  I would be expecting skyscrapers to be collapsing and dams breaking.  Any mention of the loss due to just structural damage?


Japan's buildings and infrastructure are better able to withstand such a large earthquake than many other countries' would be.  The earthquake has likely caused tens of billions in damage, but the tsunami may have caused just as much damage as the quake itself.

Original Post by brian_:

Original Post by cptbunny:

8.9 is crazy!

I realize the tsunami is a big deal, but this earthquake is a level 8.9!?!  I would be expecting skyscrapers to be collapsing and dams breaking.  Any mention of the loss due to just structural damage?


If it had hit land, I'm sure many of the buildings would have collapsed. Luckily it hit offshore, so a lot of damage was avoided. The tsunami did most of the damage from what we're seeing on the news here.

"hit land"??  The quake was just off the coast of Sendai, and felt all the way south of Tokyo.  It did lots of damage.  However, as purespark stated, Japan is probably has the MOST earthquake "safe" building codes in the world -- they have a very long history of quakes.

Yes, the tsunami is the most devastating result of the earthquake, but don't be deceived that the earthquake didn't cause damages.

 I lived about 75 miles from Sendai, it's a popular camping area for Americans and Japanese, and have driven many of the roads along the coast which are now gone.  The sight of the massive ships on their sides in Hachinohe is heart-breaking, and kind of scary; my son and I used to walk the rocks along the piers, the number of victims is staggering and saddening.

The strongest quake I experienced was 6.9 back in the early 90s -- and that was enough to wake us up, usually we would sleep through quakes, I cannot fathom what 8.9 would feel like.

By "hit land" I meant the epicenter. I'm fully aware of how  strong this quake was, as I live in Tokyo and felt it myself. I didn't say there wasn't much damage, I said MOST of the damage was avoided simply because the epicenter hit offshore and not directly beneath anything. If it had been directly underneath a city, the damage and casualties would have been MUCH worse.

xenialodi, it's amazing there wasn't more damage in Tokyo.  The videos I've seen look really scary, lots of shaking and stuff falling everywhere.  Stay safe!

Original Post by pgeorgian:

i just texted best friend, whose brother lives in japan with his wife and three kids. waiting to hear. meanwhile, we're under a tsunami warning here in vancouver (not a big concern because we're well sheltered by the vancouver island and the gulf islands, but exciting!)


just heard from best friend...she hadn't heard yet that there was a quake :/

update: the quake & aftershock peaked at 7.0 where little brother lives, but they're all fine. 

Des, from the fitness thread, mentioned that ajaro hasn't posted since thursday. We've sent messages, but keep him in mind.  Hope he is safe. 

My Japanese friend told me that lady gaga has designed a charity barcelet to raise money for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I am going to buy one. If anyone knows where to donate to help Japan, please let me know. 

You can donate to the Red Cross.

it's just heartbreaking.  i can't believe how much damage there is.  apparently there's been some kind of website made where people can type of the name of someone from japan and find any information on them.  i don't know if this is like..pretty well known already or if it's just a hawaii thing, since we have a lot of tourists visiting from japan. i wonder if they'll even be able to travel back home after this?

Shelterbox donations would be helpful too.

I haven't been watching TV lately, but I think they said on the radio news this morning that a second nuclear reactor might explode and that at least three other reactors are 'in distress'

This disaster appears to be having incredibly far-reaching effects.


From what I have seen, I really want to express how much respect I have for the Japanese people and their culture for their response to this. I think we would be well-served to be a little more like them.


I got a message from mrsbaker09 for anyone else who has her as a buddy and hasn't heard from her! She's ok but was sent to help with things near one of the reactors. :/ My nephew is a Marine and is stationed there, we know he was ok, but will also be in the midst of rescue/recovery/clean-up. My cousin-in-law has most of her family and many friends still there and are north of Tokyo, most were accounted for last I had heard. My brother works in Hawaii and had plenty of warning to get his ship out to sea before the tsunami hit.

Japan is such a beautiful country with beautiful people and rich culture. Everyone still there and abroad affected by the quake/tsunami will definitely stay in our prayers here!!!

That's great news! :)


Anyone hear from Ajaro yet? =/

He hasn't signed in since the 11th... :(

Yeah, I'm really worried. I hope he is ok and just has no internet access (Japan is conserving power after all).

Well udokier hasn't logged in since Feb. something, but I just browsed back through his posts because I thought I remembered him saying where in Japan he lived, and it turns out that he lives in the southern part of Japan, not near the Fukushima plant. Or at least he did in 2008, so I hope it's still the case because if so, he should be OK.

Yeah, he's in Fukuoka. He should be ok. 

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