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And by that, I mean "un-support".

I have quite a few "friends" on my list [before CC went to supporters - supporting] that for whatever reasons don't show their faces or AVI's in the CC universe. I have PM'd some of them to check for a pulse but no response. Thinking about cleaning house.

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Many CCers that I was "friends" with over the years have gone their separate ways. Sometimes they unfriend me sometimes I unfriend them. They know where I am if they ever need me.

Should also add:

1) Some CCers "friend" everyone they are in a group/challenge with even though they never "talk" any where else on CC.

2) Some CCers haven't logged in in a long time.

3) Some CCers never post (just use the logging features).

Yes, I up date CC friends list and my facebook.


I don't un-support people on CC but on FB, sure, I have taken people off my list just because 1. We are not really friends to begin with 2. I get annoyed by their constant updates (Stop updating 10-15x a day with your duck face photos!!) Foot in mouth

 I rarely look at my supporters lists. If I see that I've been un-supported or supported, I do the same. I actually don't even know everyone I'm supporting...I think there are a few I've never spoken to.

When I first started on CC, I accepted every friend request as a matter of courtesy. I figured the point was to lend support where I could - and having no experience online, at all, it seemed like the right thing to do. My lists got so long (simply because I'd been here so long) I had to weed out by attendance. I set a rough 'if they haven't logged on in 2 years' and 'un-friended'. It shortened the list by about 40 or 50 people.

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