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-> Dry, Chapped Elbow!! What To Do??

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my elbow... and strangely only my left one.... is dry and chapped.

very very rough :S

what can i do?

i keep putting lotion on it, but it's not really effective...

im guessing the reason why this is only happening to my left elbow is that when im on the computer, i tend to put my left elbow up and rest my chin on it !! :)

i'll appreciate all kinds of replies!!

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I have the same thing on one of my elbows (because i lay down on my side and always prop myself up on my elbow). Yea, lotion can help with it a lot.

You should see a dermatologist..It sounds like eczema maybe ? You could try an over the counter steroid cream on it and see if it gets better..

Else- the only way out may be to see a doc!

Smother it in Vasaline Jelly.  Or Cocoa Butter, or creams especially for cracked heels.

::: impedimenta :::

nah, it's nuthin' that serious. ive had this before. now and then :)

::: kathywainman :::

you know what, i think im going to go on a search to find the world's most HARDCORE CREAM. hahaha

If it's really dry, maybe try some A&D Ointment, or vitamin E oil.
chapstick and blistex.

it really fixes it better than plain old lotion.

::: curses_to_anathema :::

chapstick on ur elbow??? woahhh.. never thought of that!! hahaha, i'll try that - really Smile    gracias!!!!!!!! heh...

by the way, what's blistex??

I had that and I used the same tool in the shower that I use on my heels to smooth away rough skin.

::: pudpie :::

oh you mean like.. that light rock sort of thing? >:S   but for me, i think my elbow would hurt. cuz i feel a bit of pain when i rub it!!! 

Try using really thick cream/lotion. I have severely dry skin and light lotion don't realy work for me at all. Aveeno can be a bit pricey but it's amazing at moisturizing your skin. Another one that my dermatologist recommended me was to put vaselin jelly on. I thought it was really gross because... vaselin is just too thick but if you wet your skin and put little, it will definitely lock moisture in and prevent chapped elbow.

Another reason that people have chapped elbow is because they don't scrub their elbow and all the dead skin isn't fallin off. I know it's gross but try scrubbing your elbow (with loofah or something soft)

-Lemon Jello
watch out for lotions they contain alcohol. i have eczema and it started there. see the doc best bet.. that way you can get the steroid  cream.

i exfoliat my elbows too. i have a "fine grain" foot paddle . dont go to hard it will make them raw.
I use to have the dry elbows and my doctor at the time told me to put cream on them at night and wrap my elbows in saran wrap at night.  It worked and I no longer suffer from the dry elbows.
Cocoa butter
blistex is like chapstick. but it really works deep into the skin. like when you get chapped lips that bleed in the winter...its for that level of damage. lol

okay goody!! lots of info!!!

today after school, i'll be grocery shopping for these:

  • chapstick - blistex
  • cocoa butter
  • vaseline jelly
thanks sexinesses!! Innocent
Wow!  How crazy that I went to the doctor today for this very same thing!  Same elbow and everything....funny.

I was using Neosporin, and the doctor said that won't help other than to moisturize it.  She recommended hydrocortisone 1% cream.  It's an over the counter steriod cream like impedimenta recommended.  I get this every now and then too, but this time it seemed worse so I thought I'd better have it checked out. 

She gave me some big long name for the condition, which I can't remember now - dermititis something-or-other, and I occassionally get it on my eyelids too.  I usually equate it to a stress reaction because that's when it typically crops up.  Anyways, it's very common, not very serious, and easily treatable.  Or at least I'll agree with that last statement in a few days if the hydrocortisone works.

EDIT:  She said to apply it no more than 2 or 3 times a day.  She seemed to lean towards the twice a day maximum, and she told me to return in 3 weeks if the over the counter strength didn't do the trick.
Maybe it was atopic dermatitis? Because I have that.

I'm kind of against using steroid cream unless it can't be avoided. I've been using one since I was a baby. Using it in a very long term can change your skin - thin your skin and making it more vulnerable. If it is very low on steroid, I guess it'd be okay but do watch out!!

-Lemon Jello
try dipping in a parrafin bath
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mix some sugar with canola oil or olive oil, rub on your elbows then when thats done rinse and pat dry and add extra oil or some lotion

Vicks vapo-rub.  It works better than regular vaseline.  If you get cracked bleeding dry heels, smear some on and wear socks overnight - it will heal them in 2 or 3 nights.

And most people I know swear by this.  But the vicks works better.

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