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Can I drink coffee while whitening...

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my teeth? I am having coffee withdrawl!!!

Also, I have attempted to whiten my teeth before and it doesn't seem to work because I never can get the teeth trays to form fit my teeth. The whitening gel always leaked out eventually. So, I would stop after about a week.

Last night I started using the crest whitening strips and I like the way they stay on my teeth so I am hopeful that this will work.

I am beginning to think that my teeth will always have a yellow tint. My daughter calls them "shiny, whitish-yellow". She's nine so you know she telling it like she sees it! Whether I like it or not!

Does anyone else have this problem???!!!??


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Teeth with a creamy-coloured enamel are supposed to be much stronger than brilliant white ones....

^ that makes sense.

Be careful you dont over whiten teeth, they can become real sensative from being bleached. I like to use colgate whitening tooth paste. My mom also got me a whitening gel but it was off brand and I applied it w. a q-tip, unfortunantly I didnt have a try to use but it worked really well and stayed on till I spit it out.

Try Crest WhiteStrips Pro Effects. It's fantastic. They are so easy to apply and stay well once on. It's effortless just a waiting game once applied, so they have the time suggested to have the effect. I hadn't ever used any before but decided to try those recently. They work fantastic. It's like a 10day strip package in one box. It's like 20 pairs of strips for your top and bottom. But, you can do two one right after the other in one day.  It's meant as a 10day package so that would be easy to stick to through the end. Some people only use one daily so the treatment last longer. However, if you aren't feeling sensitivity due to it than it's fine. I didn't have an issue with sensitivity myself whatsoever at all. Just read the papers in the box. Some people are very sensitive so they can't. Others aren't.  Either way. Then you buy the Healthy Radiance kit that has it's own speical toothpaste to use daily along with four pair of strips. You just do one strip application weekly instead of daily once finishing the Pro effect package. It strengthens enamel and deep cleans to whiten for a long lasting effect. It will seriously show you a difference in a relatively short time. 

 My husband saw how fantastic they worked for me and started the Pro Effects package himself.

I LOVE coffee. Seriously. It's a HUGE LOVE for me, but I no longer drink it.  I've been clean for a little over five years now. =-P Just the smell sends me to the moon it's so wonderful. (My problem is that ... I'm a naturally bouncy person with a lot of energy. So....with coffee I'm like super hyped up! I heard a message I'd left on an answering machine and thought wow. No more coffee for you!  Plus, I don't want to stain my teeth horribly! Considering how much I want to drink each day. I could go through way too much coffee. So. Yeah. I ended my relationship with coffee. You can do it too! Or just limit how much.

overuse of whitening strips is not recommended

If you drink it through a straw its shouldn't be a big deal

 Hm. Nice suggestion to counter staining,girlfighting27. That actually sounds like it would help the OP bypass some staining and so simple.

hey great suggestions! I thought about using a straw this morning but don't have any in the house right now. I am so desperate for coffee that I will try it!

Enchantingimage: I am using the classic version because they are on sale (right now) at Kroger for 21.99 and then another $5 off for two. That is the cheapest I have seen that aren't generic so I snatched them up!

So, if this doesn't work I will def try the PRO Effects. I saw that those were quite a bit more, so I will use those as a last resort.

I haven't had a real problem with tooth sensitivity yet!

BTW, I would hate to give up coffee completely! I have already cut down drastically!

Thanks for the replies!

You're more than welcome. Best of luck!

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I figure unless you're drinking WHILE whitening, a cup a day won't kill your teeth.  Maybe while you're getting ready in the am, so you can brush them when you're done.

Watch out for tooth sensitivity, I can't use the strips because they make my teeth hurt.  If you're worried about that I would start brushing with sensitive paste now before it gets to you.

I have used the classic crest white strips and I loved them; I also love coffee and stilll drink it along with wine and probably anything else that can stain teeth.  I did my teeth over a year ago and they still look good eventhough the packaging suggests every 6 mos.  I suggest drinking water after coffee and wine.  BTW my teeth had a yellow tint to them also and I loved the effect of the strips, it did not turn my teeth a fake chicklet white...very natural.

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