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As I was driving to work today I heard Dr. Broer talking about his program and foods that should never be eaten.  I was wondering if anyone has heard of this program and/or if anyone has tried it.  It sounded beneficial in changing ones eating habits and just looking for any info someone might have.



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He's selling his advice for only $99.00.  But you have to act fast, quantities are limited - so says the flashing box.

There so much free, correct information out there that I'd be hesistant.  That being said, if you buy into the program you might ask him about the fake-n-bake tan!

I did get it.  It has LOTS of information on what is bad for you and just alot of general good sound knowledge on healthy eating/living.  If you are interested in being healthy it is good.  I have not implemented everything, but some of it.   It also has a section geared toward weightloss as well.  I know a Pastor who lost 35 pounds doing this.  It is a strict program (with some give it would be okay too I think.. ) but it is worth the buy just for the information... but of course the more you put it to practice the better it will benefit you... LOL!  (I should take my own advice!)  I never thought about the!  We should ask! 

Seriously though.. if you are wanting to get SERIOUS about your health.. he can help you.  And he has alot of stuff about the colon and cleansing and stuff too.  And there is a cookbook on healthy cooking.  LOTS of stuff on things that are NOT healthy for our children.  I may go back and relisten myself! 
His add does seem sorta.... cheesy in some ways with the flashing "order now while supplies last"  thing.. but that surprises me as he definitely does not come off that way when you hear him speak.  He is very serious and nononsense!  Don't let the add stop you if you feel like you should hear him out.

What caught my interest was what kids should not eat.  I am a new mom (JT is 15 months) and I am trying to find ways to feed him healthy food.  Actually JT eats healthier than I do.  He loves veggies, fruits and whole grain items.  I am trying to find a way to get serious about loosing the rest of my baby weight.  My hubby and I want to start trying again in a few months and I want to be down 15 to 20 pounds. 

Thanks for the info.  I am not sure I want to spend $100 on what he offers.  I might by his cookbook though. 

I guess it depends on how serious you are.  Both of mine ate healthy until they got old enough to eat the unhealthy stuff like chips and junk!  Guess cause that is what they saw Mommy eating! 

When I ordered his program I got it from Pastor Rod Parsley's television program "Breakthrough with Rod Parsley".  I only paid like 69.95 I think at that time.  It has been a few years though. 

There is tons of good info.  You may not be able to do it all, but you can pick the stuff that matters to you.  If you really want the info.  He's got it and the proof to back up alot of what he says too. 

100.00 is a lot... guess it just depends on what you are after really.  He does have ALOT of good stuff on children's eating and on stuff like ADD and ADHD.  Its just a wealth of information. 

Good luck and Healthy Eating!
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This program is for "only"for  the open minded people who desire to be healthy! I have taken several of his products and am very happy with the results! The products may cost alittle more, but you get what you pay for. I'm so tired of humans saying "I have tried everything to loose weight of get well". That is so not true. For those of you that have not changed your diet for life, you've not tried everything. My advise is to get to a NMD and rid of the MD who keeps perscribing those very harmful and toxic drugs! Take Care,

Barbi B

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