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doing a masters part time while working full time

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Is anybody/has anybody done this? how challenging is it... and any advice?

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i know lots of people who've done it that way, and lots of people who've tried and failed (typically because they never completed their theses).

i quit my job to do my master's full time. i entered the program (2-year MSW) in 2006 and was the first of my cohort to finish. of the others, about half have finished. some are still plugging away, and others have withdrawn. at least one just sort-of disappeared.

the running joke in my supervision group was, "I'm so-and-so and i'm in my fifth year of the two year program."

I'm working at doing Master's full-time. If you can balance your time, it's definitely doable. I'm a bad procrastinator... I have a 10 page paper due tomorrow and I haven't started really anything yet. Time to head to the library! haha

I'm doing my PhD while working full time.. it is, umm, not easy. I hope to finish this summer and it will have taken me 5 years, which is actually not a very long time for my program. But I'll believe it when I actually finish.

The hardest aspect is time management. Are you doing a thesis-based masters? If so my advice is to really discipline yourself to work on it a little all the time. Finishing a thesis is hard anyway without the distraction of work. Just do SOMETHING on it almost every day even if it is something small. If it is "just" classwork, then the time management stuff should be easier to sort out because you will have deadlines to juggle.

I don't think I would have to do a thesis. also I think I would only do one class at a time.

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