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Disturbing Holocaust history fact

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Im working on a history essay dealing with WWII and the Holocaust and i came across the allotted calorie for ppl (per day) in the ghettos:

German soldiers and other occupting forces: 2, 310

Other foreigners: 1, 790

Poles: 934

Jews: 183

Now that I am counting calories and aware of what calories are and mean it just sunk in as to why the victims looked as they did. I mean I always knew they had been starved but now that I see the actual numbers it blows my mind.
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Wow - that doesn't surprise me. In the narratives I've read, survivors have talked about begging the cook to dip further down in the pot for the peel of potato - anything nutritious to help them. Otherwise, it was a clear broth. A good book is Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl - it's his account of his experience and the therapy he developed inside the camps that has gone on to save many people. A great read otherwise.
Man's Search for Meaning is an amazing book!
woa! that's terrible :( 
and to think people do that willingly with certain disorders
My old landlord's wife was a Holocaust survivor and she used to talk to my daughter and I about it.  She said there were days when one slice of bread and one bowl of "broth" were all she ate.  Once, she went at least 5 days with no food whatsoever. And she was working outside all day.  Can you imagine essentially working out for 10-12-14 hours a day and geting one piece of bread and a cup of weak flavored broth?

Man's inhumanity to man is the most terrible thing I know of on this earth.
BTW, she was the only one of 40+ family members to survive.  I try to remember of this when I think I have "problems".  How insignificant my issues are, comparitively speaking.
thats simply horrfic. its terrible what happened back then.

thats why we must respect food and not abuse or purposly under eat. Food is truly a gift that must be teasured. since many people in this world dont have enough.

African villagers , whom are starving were asked thier opion of anorexia and over eating ( food disorders). many of them couldnt understand why one would willingly abuse such a good thing.
Exactly!  I have quite a few Jewish friends and was blessed enough on several occassion to share Sabbath meals and even a Passover meal once.  They are all children of survivors and they amaze me.  Oh the feeling I had when sitting across from a dear friend's mother, her sleeve falls back, and I see the # tatooed on her arm.  My stomach churned just imaging what she endured. 

Want to hear something odd?  When I feel as if my life is in the crapper, I watch "Schindler's List".  Why? Because that movie reminds me of how good I have it, how blessed I am, how I know nothing of suffering.  It shakes up my soul and is like a mental kick in the butt to stop feeling so sorry for myself.
wow...[edit by united removed name] after reading all of that i have no idea how you said that...
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That's a great film Kallie, very moving. 
I've thought about eating very little in order to lose weight, but then i thought no, i have food when so many people do not, i won't waste it. (it falls in line with with my thoughts on eating meat - make the best of the animal (in life and in the kitchen) to make fair its death)
I'm Jewish and it's hard for me to believe that there are some people who stubbornly refuse to admit the Holocaust happened and say it was a hoax.

It cost too much money in ammunition to shoot Jews, the most cost effective way was to starve them to death. As a bonus they would get labor out of them and that helped speed the process too.

So depressing. :(

[edit by united removed name]... that's just... awful. What a horrible, insensitive, selfish thing to say... :(
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Parre - Happy Passover to you and yours.

I am not Jewish, but that attitude/opinion still irritates me so much!  Anyone who thinks it's a hoax needs to visit the Holocaust Museum in D.C.  I cry every time.  On one trip, my DD and I actually met a Jewish man who, with his family, ran for his life through France and Italy for six years and he signed a copy of his book for us.  I've read it about four times now and I feel so blessed when I do.  I am grateful that he shared this story for future generations.  Why do I go there so often when I am not Jewish? To remember the victims-they deserve that much-and to pray that our world never does this again.
I read a book called "186 steps"

It has a compilation of actual testimony from POW and soldiers.

It doesn't read like a story, its many eye witness accounts from many different people.  The author assembled the stories so that you can read all about the cafeteria in one chapter, from many different perspectives.  Each chapter is a different aspect of the camp, the quarry, the gas chambers, the krematorium. 

Their suffering inspired me a few times to curb my hunger.  Those prisoners were forced to carry 20kg+ rocks up 186 crooked steps, and they were fed something that made them ill and provided little nourishment.

Some POW's died when allied soldiers gave them as much food as they could eat.  The POW's digestive system could not handle it, and over eating killed them as they were freed.  They actually kept alot of POW's in the camp after the war to ensure they were rationed food slowly and and came back to life from their run down state.  Can you imagine?
Really a horrible thing and it ashames me, as a German, that there are people denying the Holocaust.

As an aside, and by no means as an excuse, the Russians did not treat their POW's much better, my Grandfather told me that when they cauught a rat, it was a feast:-(
i can't imagine.

i have never been able to understand the Holocaust nor any genocide.

We must not forget, nor let it happen again. To anyone. Ever.
I think it's happening right now, just not in front of us....
I agree with frothbeast. If you look at the genocide that is taking place in Africa, it's hard to believe that no one is doing anything about it.

But then again, there's a quote from one book I read about the Holocaust that basically said:
If horses were being killed in America the way that Jews are being treated in Germany, there would be mass rioting in the streets.

It's sad how if it's not right here, and doesn't immediately affect our personal lives, we just turn a blind eye.
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