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Department store makeup VS drug store makeup

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I am pretty much sick of owning 200 kinds of foundation that never work. I always buy from Walgreens and have recently bought from Everyday Minerals.

They do NOTHING. My skin is uneven and pink and nothing I buy evens out correctly or conceals right or does anything helpful. Half way through the day its like my face starts melting the sh** off.

I have bought every brand you can think of but have never bought deptartment store(clinique,dior,etc.)

Should I go in and dish out the dough?I would rather buy one thing that works than spend money never finding the right foundation.

Will the department counter ladies help me find a shade? Should I go in?


schnoodizzle fo shizzle

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I personally have better luck with things that don't come from Walgreens. I have heard good things about MAC foundation, but I never tried it because it seems geared towards younger skin (I'm 40). I REALLY like the Dior spray foundation, but it's $60. Have you tried using some primer before your foundation? It really helps. I think mine is Urban Decay

I'd definitely try some different counters and see what you think. The only problem is you'll probably walk away with clown make up; I don't know why they do that. At least you'll be able to see how it works for you

I love Mac studio fix! I do think it's worth it, it always seemed to me that drugstore eyeshadows at least came off really easily.

Thanks! I have no problem with eye makeup. just foundation/powder.

And spiro. I thought you were like 25. Serious

Thanks! Unless you mean my posting because most people think I'm like 12 based on that

Go to a department store and get a free makeover. Wear it around and see if it feels & looks better. Sometimes they even throw in free samples.

If you have an unusual skin color ( mine has more red color than normal too) look into Prescriptives - they have all the raw pigments at the store so they can mix you up a batch of your exact color on the spot.

hey thanks azirra! that sounds cool I will ask about that.

And spiro. I meant your looks!

Just an idea from someone who had been searching for the right foundation for many years.....

Tried inexpensive ones, tried dept store ones....and did end up with a keeper (from a cheapo pharmacy place).  But, try a company named E.L.F.  They have wonderful products and the prices cant be beat!  They ship fast and most things can be obtained for $1.00.  Yup, $1.00!!!  So it's worth it to buy foundation from them and experiement.  Will be much less than a dept store.

Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be.

I've been a Clinique skin care fan for quite some time now. Basically, when it comes to foundation and concealer it helps to have something of quality on your face. If you go to a department store counter they will help you pick out a shade and apply it so you can see how it feels.

I forget the exacty type of the one I use (I just check it before I go to get a replacement, haha), but for sure a good foundation and even a nice application brush (if you want to go so far -- I love mine) are good additions to your make-up bag, in my opinion.

This weekend I bought some Maybeline with Olay its in a compact thing but its a creamy foundation.  I really like it.  I'm almost 50 and finding something to cover my sun damaged dark spots and wrinkles can be a challenge.  I've used Loreal for ages.

I also think a good moisturizer is also important. 

I use the bare minerals and usually get it from sephora. Everyone I know that uses it loves it. It's slightly on the expensive side but I feel like it lasts forever before i need to buy more.  But if you tried the a different mineral brand and didn't like it I'm not sure this will work for you.

I use Bare Minerals as well, I have for several years.  I will NEVER Change, I tried a cheaper version of Mineral Make up and I hated it!!

I have been completely transformed to Bare Mineral and would recommend it to anyone!

Consumer Reports did a study not too long ago and their conclusion is that Drug Store makeup was just as effective as expensive Department Store brands. 

They listed the top Drug Store brands based on quality, but I don't remember what they were.  At 49-years old, I've had pretty good luck with Cover Girl.  I purchased some mineral foundation from my dermatologist for $75, but like my $7 Cover Girl foundation much better.

I recently bought Smashbox minerals powder on the advice of my good friend who works at the drugstore.

Its the most amazing product Ive ever used.  I dont use a liquid foundation so I need a powder that does the job of 2.

I just wish it wasnt so expensive but I'll never now stop buying it.

I like bare minerals too. It's awesome! It must be different from the walgreens brand... it covers so well.

I totally feel you re: buying at drugstores. I can do drugstore eyeshadow, but I swear it creases more than the higher pigment high end brands. I think that's the main difference between drug store & high end. Pigment concentration.

Anyway, you should totally go to different counters & see how you like each brand after a days wear before you buy.That's ultimately how I chose Bare Minerals. I went to the Bare Minerals store & had one of the trained employees do my makeup. After a day it was still on AND it felt great on my super sensitive dry skin. Sold!


Have Estee Lauder moisturizer and foundation - but am finding the stuff doesn't breath - is the mineral make up less likely to make your face feel like it's sealed?

Original Post by dispatchn:

I use Bare Minerals

 Hmmm... I tried Bare Minerals and was not that impressed. I DID like the way the powder felt on my skin, barely there, but my skin is VERY fair and they just do not have a light enough shade for me. The conceler was too dark and horribly greasy (settled into whatever creases I had) Plus I thought $60 + was expensive.

Now I use L'Oreal mineral powder. Same light as air feel to the powder, great coverage and light enough shade for me and you cant beat the price... $14 normally and I usually stock up when L'Oreal are having 2 for 1 sales so it's an even better deal. 


I have converted many a Bare Minerals woman to Everyday minerals. LOVE IT and it's a fraction of the price. Also if you like pretty colors try her stuff is amazing. Works best with some sort of eyeshadow primer, though

Here's another rec for Bare Minerals (but the next time I need to get more, maybe I'll try Everyday...).

If you're make up is melting off in the middle of the day (no matter what brand you're getting), the best suggestions I can think of is using a make up primer, and getting a compact of sheer/translucent oil absorbing powder.  It's a great way of refreshing your look without applying anything extra heavy.

I don't particularly like department stores - every make over I've one at one of the counters made me look overdone and unnatural, despite my instructions to not do the glamour look.  I've received great advice and samples at Sephora, which has a lot of different lines to choose from.

You need to put on a foundation primer first or green foundation then apply normal on top it will give even tone all day.

Thanks for all the feedback!

  • Mineral makeup does not work for me. My skin does not work well with it. I've tried 100 kinds.
  • I need a cream foundation I think because it covers better.
  • I am going to try the elf thing and look into clinique.
  • I don't know why I am bulleting in my post.
  • haha.
  • There is not any sephora or makeup store around here and I wish so badly that there was!
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