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Deleted / Censored / And They're Victorious

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So my thread was removed because -

The reason given for this modification is provided below:

inflammatory off-topic and personal attack arguments

Would someone tell me where I was personally attacking? I am thinking that I was the one attacked.....I was told it doesn't matter if I live or die.

So if the mod disagrees with your views, the mod removes the whole thread?

Exactly the abuse of power I was talking about.
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Reason: Locked because off topic, and some personal attacks by multiple members/multiple targets. Please feel free to PM or email me with concerns!
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HA........glad you're staying!
I'm lying, I really gotta go, home that is.  LOL

Peace out all!
Kipp-- I now can relate to what you're talking about.. One of my posts got deleted because it was supposedly threatening.. That's bs.

The reason it got deleted was because the person who did it didn't agree with what I was saying..

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guera - I saw that.. I was wondering what you said that was "inflammatory"  hmmmm   makes ya wonder sometimes...  oh well, too bad we sometimes can agree to disagree.. although I read the entire post you're speaking about and I thought she/he was the rude one.. you just kept saying "Its your opinioin I dont care..."
Yeah, i'm pissed right now.. I wasn't attacking anyone, just saying don't knock it 'til you try it..

I think the "volunteer mod" didn't agree with what I was saying and therefore she decided to delete it.
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thats nice
Hmm... original point proven again.

And I'll shout it this time: "WE WANT FREE SPEECH!"  lol

Not like we're saying things that are offensive (for the most part) anyway. 

How many times must we say it: "ABUSE OF POWER"

Gahhh, I'm so sick of it.

Carry on...
well plm, we are guests on this site.  Which means that we can't really yell free speech.  If we don't like the way things are run, we are free to leave.
Guera, I sent you the private message before I found this thread..... I was hoping you would read this one.... The mods that stepped in weren't even moderators for that forum and it did seem like it was just because of a difference of opinion.
Guera, what you said was not inflammatory. I think the mod didn't agree with the way the thread was going and decided to shut somebody up and unfortunately you got in the way. Things do tend to get out of control quickly in cyber space. Sorry Kipp, didn't mean to sideline your thread.
First time I have read 6 pages of anything!!!  Love It!!!
Thanks, lolokaiwahine... I didn't think it was inflammatory either!

vthompson-  Got your message.. Read this thread, lol, obviously. =)
Off topic? Doesn't the description of the lounge read, "Put up your feet and talk about whatever's on your mind"?
Kathy - upon reading this thread I feel the need to comment on your holier than thou attitude. I think you should be a little less belittling to Kipp. Regardless of what happened, the issue is about the moderators and censorship. You just sound very rude to me.
jessie-- I'm not saying you don't have a point, and i'm not trying to get involved here.. But who's Kathy???  I probably just missed it but I don't know who Kathy is.
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....look at earlier posts to me
But, kipp, that's so much work!! Just kidding... I guess I can move my lazy clicker finger to a few pages back..
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cool to see this post again......I didn't bring it back but glad it has sparked some questions and thoughts
OK, I figured out who kathy is....

Yeah, I brought the post back yesterday when I said someone was "very mature" because they were judging a book before they'd even read it...  The person who deleted it also didn't read the book, and didn't like the fact that I was telling people to read the damn book before they judged it!
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no, it needs to be brought back!   SOME mods, yes, SOME are abusing their "power" and its horrible.  I said it before and I'll say it again.. we're adults and if we want to disagree with someone, its our right.. and if we get upset about it, so what...  nobody was using foul language or making threats...   I just dont get it sometimes.
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