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Dear Guys of CC...

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i was just posting in another thread where a poster thought her hubby was just being nice by saying he liked the way she looked in a certain outfit, and it got me thinking. it seems to me that us women are WAY more critical of ourselves than the men in our lives would ever be...

so if you could be so kind guys, please share with us some things about your significant other (or even women in your past) that they thought were flaws (ie body parts they tried to cover up, or complained about) but you thought were cute/sexy or just plain fabulous!

i suppose this could go both ways, so women, if theres something your man thinks is a flaw but you adore, share that too! and of course our gay and lesbian CCers should chime in too :)

i think if we could all see ourselves the way the people we love do, the world would be a much happier place!  
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ha~ .... he says hair my butt my legs

funny how I am working hard on getting rid of the flab on them lol

I don't think mine cares one way or another.  I don't ask and he doesn't offer, and I am okay with that.  If on occasion I ask him how I look in something, he says it looks fine.  As I said in another post, he would jump me in sweats if it was up to him.
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New to this site, been "lurking" for awhie, learning, but until this topic, didn't really have courage to post. Not even sure i'm doing it right, but do hope so.

OK. As a man, i'm gonna chime in on this vain, yet mighty important topic. Ladies, what seems so very impossible for most of you to understand is, when a man LOVES you, TRULY LOVES you, he sees NO FLAWS in you. I know this sounds cliche(?), but your outside appearance is only 1 of the many things that attract you to him. Believe me when i tell you that he sees more flaws in himself every time he looks in the mirror. There certainly is not a Greek GOD that stares back at him. And he wonders how in the world someone so beautiful(ALL OVER), and so special could really LOVE him back. It seems as though some woman feel they should lose weight, firm up, tone up, get more tanned, etc. etc. But from your mans eyes, no matter what you do, you can't improve on PERFECTION.

Sorry ladies, it really isn't any more complicated than this. So YES, lose weight, tone up, get healthy, but, do it for you. Because it's been said that most men are usually simple in the way they think, and that may be so. But that also might just make them unique too, don't ya think?


Two of the things I absolutely LOVE about my wife are her fair skin and freckles. She doesn't tan and it drives her crazy; she hates her white skin. But to me it's absolutely beautiful, one of the things that first attracted me to her. And I have a thing for freckles. I also adore her cute nose, but she thinks the tiny "lip" between the nostrils is odd-looking.

~ thanks guys! .... see we really needed your input~ Laughing

My mom drilled into my head to always give your women lots of compliments but also be totaly honest when something is just not working. Kind of the whole sandwhich a gripe between two compliments thing.

So anyway my wife rolls up on me last night with two pairs of jeans she just purchased and wants to get my opinion. My wife has a nice big ass and the sexiest thick thighs I have ever seen in my life. But she puts one of the jeans on and it just flattens her ass and makes her look like a cowboy girl ( not my look, although we are from Wyoming). So I told her I hated it and I told her why. Now the other pair of jeans about put me on the floor they were so nice. So I told her that and she decided to keep only the awesome pair.

The moral to this story for women and for other men is that at some point in the early part of our relationship I told my wife exactly what I liked about her body. I could not be more open about my love of my wifes body if I tried. Sometimes i try to get her to eat more because I like her a lttle thicker. I love thick women and my wife loves that I am so vocal about my love for thick women, she thinks it helps with her and some of her friends self esteem. Anyway I tell my wife every time when her clothes look bad on her (but only if she asks). I always tell her when her close look good on her as well (always with out being asked). So my wife does not struggle with weight or self image issues any more because she knows that if she gets really skinny I might not like her as much but she will feel better about her self. And she knows that if she gets chubby I like her more and she feels better about her self. So really my taste in Women makes my wifes life much easier. Being brutaly honest is tough some time sbut it makes things much easier. This may not work for everyone but it sure does work for my wife. She also purchased several dresss yesterday for the five weddings we have coming up and she went ahead and had a fashion show for me. Now I am a dude so I did hate most of this dress up time but she looked AMAZING in one of the dresses, so much so that that dress ended up on the ground next to our bed..................
Hey there. Love this thread. I dated a girl once (I'm lesbo, btw) who was SO critical of her legs, but I LOVED them. She wasn't big at all, but she did have somewhat thick legs. She was always comparing them to mine (but I have total chicken legs, so it wasn't fair), but I loved to hang on to her gorgeous thighs while I was, ugh . . . *cough* :D

I don't know why, but I think big thighs/legs are a major turn-on for me :P
Big legs/thighs are a major turn on for me as well. Glad to see a women having some great taste in thickness.
Glad to oblige. Pretty much all of the women I've ever been attracted to have been bigger than me- not overweight or unhealthy, but perfectly curvy . . . I like to think that making love to a woman is like falling into a cloud. Interpret that how you will :P
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The one guy I adore is self-conscious about his torso. He doesn't realize just how amazing he really is.

He never says anything about it, but body language tells all.

On the same note...I'm curious.

Does a girl have to have long (shoulder length or longer) hair to be attractive? Or is this an old expectation that's gotten stale?

I personally think that long hair just gets in the way. But whatever her hair style, I think a girl looks good if she's confident with it.
I was "pleasantly plump" when I met my boyfriend and he showered me with compliments about how beautiful I was, how much he loved me, etc.  Over the next almost 4 years, I gained another 25 pounds because he made it clear that he liked me however I was and I just stopped worrying about it.

The downside to that is that whenever he wasn't around telling me how beautiful I was, I would look in the mirror and see how fat and unhealthy I was becoming.  So at the beginning of this year, I realized I was 170 pounds at only 5'2", with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease runs in my family.  At age 41, I am asking for a heart attack (my uncle had a quadruple bypass at age 45). 

So I've lost 12 pounds so far.  He still tells me he loves me and I'm beautiful, but he understands that I need to do this to be healthy and feel good about myself even when he's not there to remind me that he thinks I'm gorgeous.  I already feel a lot better and know I'll be even better when I'm at my goal and have my health under control.

It's good and it's bad.  My BF said something to me, almost word for word, like what Nasuoni related her BF said to her.  So, guys, realize that loving your girl's "junk in the trunk" is a great thing - as long as it's not encouraging her to put her health at risk.

What a great thread, only I wish more guys would chime in here.

Original Post by disease_of_ease:

When I had lost about 60ish pounds I had this realization that I wouldn't consider myself "fat" anymore... instead I thought I was "chubby". I told my husband this and he looked at me like he was shocked, so I said "Well, what do you consider me?" and he says "Meaty." Gee, that sounds way better than chubby! Hahaha. Now that I am close to goal I consider myself "fluffy", by the way. :D

 TO FUNNY LMAO!!! You two must have a cute relationship! awwLaughing

You know who I'd like to see post in this thread?  Eddiepotter.  Hey Eddie, where y'at?

Original Post by purespark:

You know who I'd like to see post in this thread?  eddiepotter,.  Hey Eddie, where y'at?

 don't EVEN talk about his sexy ass! OMG! SO hot! gals are are so many beautiful women on here...and wouldn't you know it...all of them are on my friends list...


lol....To be honest.....none of the women I ever dated had anything that I would call a flaw...they were all perfect at each stage of my life. Cool...If at any time I saw that my girl was getting out of shape...I would eat more, and get out of shape myself (knowing it's very easy for me to get back into shape) and tell her that I think I'm getting out of shape, and she would too, and then we would start working than saying "hey babe...go to the gym.

there was this one time I was friends with a girl who was over weight by about 50 pounds, but her face was absolutely stunning, and nobody wanted to date her....I felt really really bad...Maybe It was wrong at the time, but I decided to give her a chance, and we went on dates, and I made sure everyone saw us together...she would come to my track workouts, and I would teach her how to workout.  eventually she became SUPER HOT.  Unfortunately we broke up, but it was something I did out of pity, and looking back I really wish I went out with her simply because I liked her and her style.

Eddiepotter: that wasn't pity, sweetie, that was compassion.  Where were ya when I was in high school?  :) High school...jeez...I went to an all boys high school.  It was cool, but I was really out of place.  I was the ONLY black guy in my freshman and senior classes, and on top of that I was one of the best runners in the United States.  there were so many people that wanted to kill me...literally.  They were pretty much racist, but I was untouchable because I was just smart.  I wouldnt go where I couldn't be seen by teachers...I wouldn't taunt anyone who was gunning for me....

The sister school that came for those high school dances...Loved it.  They were cool and all, but I never had the courage to talk to women back then...I wasn't exactly as talkative as I am now, because I feared the white guys in my school. I couldn't fight, or anything.  well....One day I went to one of these dances, and I saw the hottest chick I had ever seen back then, and I really wanted to do something...this was my senior year, and I was pretty much the only 17 going on 18 year old virgin in that school...or so it seemed.  So I worked up the nerve to talk to her, but she was going out with one of the lacrosse guys...well that didn't go over too well, but I never backed down from anyone, because they couldn't beat me up...I was too damn fast of a runner lol...

And let me tell you something else…some of you single women on here…when you go outside…walk with confidence.  Men are looking at you, and we like you, but are intimidated by your exquisite style.  Women are the main reason we are on this planet.  I say I’ve never found a flaw in any of my girlfriends, because it’s extremely hard to find flaws when I appreciate that women are the ones who carry our babies…the main ones who cook and clean after us men and other women.  Women are the ones who sacrifice their body to keep the world tuning. Women are the ones who bleed for us every month.  So if you ask me…women are not equal to men…nor do they have flaws. They do all this stuff for us, and we don’t show our admiration.  They get fat because they give birth …they look terrible, because they just washed our clothes and fed the baby….  This is why it’s hard for me to find a flaw in any woman…big or small.  I’m my experience Women are god’s gift to man.


And it sucks to see that some men don't give thanks to the opposite sex for a job well done.  So to all the mother's and single women...and soon to be mother's.  Thank you so much for all you've done and will continue to do to make this world easier for men.  ( I say this because I'm a little guilty of it too...I had a dream last night that my mother was killed, and I never got the chance to say how much I appreciated what she did to make me turn out so well)



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