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Dating a Mexican?

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Hey there,

I know, the title of the post is weird..

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone in here is dating a Mexican/Hispanic man (or woman)?  If so, what are their eating habits like?

My boyfriend just loves anything that's not processed--fruits and veggies.. He's the skinniest, leanest thing and I can see why.. He's been a huge help for me in eating healthier and choosing the right produce to buy... He's also not afraid of the kitchen and makes some great salsa..

Just curious if anyone was in the same boat, a weird boat at that.
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No, not dating a mexican/hispanic man, actually married to a white guy.  But, I do live in Guatemala and have observed how most of my friends eat non-processed foods.  I used to think it was because all the processed foods here are imported, and therefore more expensive.  I can buy a half dozen bananas for 25 cents when a package of oreos costs over 4 dollars!

But I also think that my friends have not yet been contaminated with the fast-food, fast-pace, unhealthy lifestyle that I come from.  Although, unfortunately that is changing here in Latin America as more and more fast food restaurants appear, Pepsi and Coke factories are everywhere, and places like Walmart are buying out the local grocery store chain.  Obesity is on the rise here, and no one seems to be aware of it (maybe where the States was 20-30 years ago).

People here tend to eat home made meals 3 times a day!  Even kids at my girls' school are brought homemade chicken or soup and fresh tortillas every day at noon!  I, on the other hand, was doing what my mom did, sending peanut butter and jelly, packaged cookies, chips, and a juice box. . . until I found calorie count, and decided to encourage better eating habits in my kids!

So, kudos to your boyfriend!  He's on the right track!
Wow, you live in Guatemala??  How did you get the opportunity to do that??  I'd really like to live in a foreign country.  (Spanish-speaking, because I speak Spanish)
i think you need to leave the U.S. cause its like that in almost every other country minus maybe really anglo-saxon places. I live in Spain now (lived in Mexico before briefly) and I make no exagerration when I say everyone here is tiny. Spain is also where the mediterranean diet is huge and we all know how healthy it is, but still eating varies in each part. I live in the north and eating healthy is so much cheaper than eating junk. we have tons of markets and everythings fresh. everyone goes home for lunch, then theres siesta. women work more now but alot still are very homey and always cooking. my old spanish mom always cooked fresh meals and we had fresh french bread at each yet her and all her family were tiny. everyone walks here and eats majority if not only unprocessed food, and when they do have treats, its from the fresh bakery or something like that rather than some processed mess.
I am from Honduras but hubby is Mexican all 6'5 of him lol he's hot! anywho funny because I struggle with him alot ..especially with the tortillas, fried beans, he eats huge meals a day.. it's really hard to stay focus with him
Well, my boyfriend is pretty darn white...but his eating habits are also very good.

He's a really smart eater; i.e. he stops when he's full, won't eat it if it doesn't taste good, and LOVES to cook.

He just bought a Japanese cookbook...and just can't wait to make all these meals for me, and I yelled at him b/c he's going to make me fat w/ all the good meals and wine!  his response? "oh no!  I won't make you fat! I'll serve lots of small meals that will be filled with veggies!"

haha.  It's good to have healthy ppl in your life :)
Interesting that many of you are sort of in the same boat that I am...

swtiris-  It goes both ways with me... He eats really healthy, but we do go out to eat a lot, so when we do, I think hey, he can eat all this crap... So can I... So, I gained weight that way... But now that we live together and don't eat out often, we buy a ton of fresh things and his habits are wearing off on me...

On top of that.. I just had to say I love latin men!!! I could go on all day about it..
I think it also matters if they were BORN in mexico.  I dated a mexican when I was a teen and he had horrid eating habits and was overweight.  And my hubby is half and he also ate aweful but could eat an elephant and not gain an oz.  They were both born and raised in the american culture though.  
My Husbter is Egyptian where processed food means that the baker made it from scratch down the street, or they roasted the fish at the market, or the guy up the street makes a great pot of beans to sell daily.... LOL No chemicals, preservatives or pesticides.
I'm not too familiar with latino/hispanic culture, but I have lived overseas several times and noted a HUGE difference in eating styles.

I recently returned from living in Palestine and I remember my first couple of weeks there- all kinds of produce that I didn't know what to do with, spices I had never heard of, you get the idea . . . So at the end of my first week, I went to the grocery store for the first time and got- chocolate chip cookies, chips, loaf of bread, and process "Austrian" cheese (same thing as American cheese) (I should note that I don't usually eat this junk-food-ish, I was just feeling homesick). I went to the counter to pay and the store owner asked me if I was going to a party.

I later discovered that packaged foods are almost exclusively reserved for parties and special events in Palestine. People don't eat chips or cheese slices on a regular basis. I never really did get the hang of Palestinian cooking, and spent most of my time there living off of pita, falafel, and watermelon :P

Just had to chime in here!  I ended up with white southern boy from MO, who, unfortunately has a heart condition.  He's not the best eater unless it's at home.  He eats anything I make and even it turns out gross he will still say, "It's good!" which is one of the reasons I love him. 

However, when I was dating it seemed like I would flip flop between latino and white.  I learned my Spanish grammer in school but my fluency from Pedro, Mexican, skinny boy who ate everything.  Of course I was in my 20's with the matabolism of a ferret so we did not worry about calories.  Then some other white guy.  Then I lived in Spain and loved the food there as well as the men, one in particular AAAHHHH Andres!  Then dated another white guy, then a Columbian! whew!  hot hot hot, in many ways. 

Ok, I'll stop but notice how it's the latin guys I remember in greater detail?  What does that say?

iI never heard this before hmmm the eating habbits of a mexican ???

are you forreal?

We are just like everyone els
Yeah, sounds like a culture thing.  I think many cultures outside of the US and other high-industry countries are more focused on fresh food, and eating at home, which is why this country's 60%+ obese.

The American guys I've dated tend to have American eating habits, and the guys I dated from ethnic backgrounds tended to eat the way they were raised, which was usually way better than I was raised.  My background is stereotypical African-American, so it was fried chicken, pork chops, home-made macaroni, collard greens, pig's feet, BBQ, and all of that other stuff that just talking about is making me drool for, but I know I can't have.

Well, can't have much of very often, heh heh heh.

You must be Mexican??  I do realize you're just like everyone else, I'm not sure if you were born/raised here, but my boyfriend wasn't.  So he's used to fresh foods and he's definitely not a fan of our Mcdonald's and stuff like that. So I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he lived the first 20 some years of his life in Mexico...  In my opinion, those, like myself, who have lived in the US forever are used to the crappy eating habits we've adopted, so it's normal for us to go weeks without touching a fruit and vegetable.. Not healthy, but culturally accepted.
yeah i could see how christina could have that reaction. i'm not mexican but i only clicked on your post cause i thought you sounded kind of dumb and i wanted to read. dating any person raised in a culture outside of the U.S. will most likely mean differant foods, and almost always foods alot less processed. thats just common sense. i know where your coming from with your question but still this post is slightly ridculous. the latin lover stereotype is so lame. guys are guys. and i live in spain and theres nothing more special about these guys than others. when you start going "i love this ethnicity/race of guys" or whatever no matter if your saying it as a form of praise it's always pretty ignorant.

and paganmist i wouldn't label those foods "stereotypically" african american, rather they are a big part of the culture. just cause their part of the culture doesn't mean its all the people eat. you saying "stereotypically" just struck me wrong like it sounds dumb for some reason.

all i have to say.
This thread just makes me want to travel and meet someone from overseas... :)
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Yes, my girlfriend is from Mexico City and she eats very healthy... fruits, vegetables, no processed, ect... sometimes our food tastes differ but she is a good cook as well.
Hmmm, interesting. I'm half mexican and am currently living in Mexico, and have a mexican boyfriend. This is a pretty funny subject... I guess it depends on the person's age and when/how long/in what conditions they lived in Mexico.

People who lived here back when they were kids probably are into non processed, fresh foods and stuff, so I can see where you're coming from. On the other hand what Christina said is also true. Most people living in Mexico today have eating habits that are merging into something the the US's. I mean, there's a Burger King a block from my school!

We do eat just like anyone else, but I do think there is a certain fondness for homemade and certain typical meals that mexicans still hang on to, all the way from your Mom's pozole to the tacos they sell in the stand down the street. Middle and lower class people (aka, the huge majority) are more into that that big chain fast food. So, it all varies.

Hee, rant over. Anyways...

Yeah, I totally agree, my boyfriend is a great influence for me. He boxes and is in great shape (lucky me :) ), and eats LOTS, but all good, unprocessed, homemade stuff. He's inspired me and helped me through my ED (in fact, it was thanks to him I finally plucked up the nerve to go see a doctor and start recovering).

Something interesting is that breakfast is pretty important (and large, compared to our neighbors of the North) for mexicans, lunch is the big, main meal, and supper is usually small, sometimes only a piece of sweet bread or a bowl of cereal and some fruit, with a coffee or mug of warm milk.

Then again, Mexico's right behind the US in obesity... a good culture and diet gone wrong thanks to convenience, modernization and globalization.
My oldest daughter is living with a hispanic man.  He's also a Professional Chef having attended the Scottsdale Culinary Institute.  I know just a couple weeks ago he said the best mexican restaurants are the ones where they prepare your guacomole right at the table.  He also wanted to do deserts prepared tableside at the last place he worked but the owners wouldn't hear any of his ideas.

NOt usre if he only likes fresh food and stuff - but I like when he cooks for us when they come for visits LOL
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