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Dating your chiropractor..

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted some opinions on what I should do.  I have been going to a chiropractor for about a week 1/2, and I'm interested and he (the chiropractor) is too from what I've heard from another office person.  Nothing has been said between the 2 of us but there is some very serious flirting/interest on both sides.  He has been very professional but I need to know what I should do, should I find another doctor and then proceed with him or finish up my treatments/adjustments with him first?  What kind of rules or ethics to they have to follow?  I've never been in this situation before, I will be done with my treatments/adjustments in probably another 2wks.  Thanks.
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It is a complete conflict of interests and absolutely ethically wrong for anyone in the medical industry to engage in any sort of romantic relationship with a patient--as he probably well knows.  In fact, he shouldn't have let it go as far as it has, what with "serious flirting."  If you'd like to see him personally, have someone else treat you.  Sorry to sound harsh, but this is a topic that we've discussed several times in class (I'm in medical school).  Hope that helps!
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Thanks for the information, that is exactly what I thought.  Let me take that back, everyone has different interpretations of "serious flirting" and I just want to restate that he still has remained very professional and I will continue with my therapy and after I am finished and if the "flirting" goes personal I will seek out another doctor.  :0) 
omg I had the same experience with my chiroprator about 3 years ago. He was sooo cute. I was in a relationship and I think he was married so thats where that ended. I think its fine for you to date him. Your adjustments will be done in 2 weeks? Have fun for those 2 weeks then after its over you guys can really talk!
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