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Dance your cares away... Worries for another day... Let the music play... Down in Fraggle CHAT!

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*sets out two breakfast buffets*

*first: traditional*

*second: BRAINZ!!!*


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It's always wet in the basement.  That's where I dump all of my clothes after HK and Tom hose me down.

 ***confession*** I have never been to the basement

We give the 'special' tour on Hallowe'en. :)

 Note to Self:  Avoid Chat on Halloween

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Tours on, I'm out. Good weekend to all.

 **waves**  Bye bye.  Enjoy the steak, potatoe, wine....

Later Tom!

Heh. He thinks he's escaped...but he's only delayed the inevitable.

Well, folks, now that I have stuffed myself with yummy beignets I am off to napland...  *** crutches off to bed *** corgi fur drifts softly ***

Aww. Night Corgi. Hope you heal quickly.

Night Corgi!

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Wow, do y'all realize it's the 30th anniversary of the Mr. St. Helens eruption?

Will for this day only change the name of the Irish car bombs I will drink this afternoon to pyroclastic flow bombs.

Time for these yet?


*thinks we need a few of these for the ride home*

*breaks out the Jameson and the Bailey's*

Nite Corgi (almost wrote Cargo Undecided)

Hope your foot will be better tomorrow and I hope you'll sleep alright (Hurray for drugs painkillers)

Internetconnection is dreadful, or with Corgi's words: Rucka frucka internetconnection!

*remembers Chat Halloween with fondness*

hiya all

back from treadmill hell


Intervals or static pace? Level or on an incline?

intervals, level

How many minutes?

60 (episodes of TV make it go faster)

I didn't kill myself, just 2 minutes of jogging, walked long enough to recover, 1-3 minutes, jog again, repeat

treadmill killed chat, not too surprising,

new topic... if you could go anywhere for 1 month, rent an apartment and live like a local where would you want to go

4th post means I'm either really annoying, or chat is dead or both

I just got a call from friends

I'm off to a bar



Sorry, I was drafting letters to residents in my former condo complex to inform them of the spring cleaning of the parking lot.

*thinks* Europe or Australia are possible choices. A former co-w@rker from Africa has asked me to come with her for a visit when she travels back to her home. That would be a very unique experience because I wouldn't just see the tourist traps & I would have a resident as my escort.

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