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I don't usually drink a whole lot of milk, but today I can't seem to get enough of it! My stomach is actually getting kind of sore from drinking it.  Do you think (or know) if there might be a reason for this?
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no, but start drinking some water

sounds weird - you definitely don't want an upset tummy
You are probably craving the calcium. Eat an orange or better yet something with peppers in it. They have loads of calcium!
I did that too when I was a young woman - I would switch to water - ice cold!!  Your probably thirsty and cold milk is good when you are really thirsty!  I used to drink 2 litres at a time during supper!  Make sure you are getting your calcium daily - it is so very important for young woman!! 
Oranges peppers and water it is then! CALCIUM HERE I COME! thank you for the tips, my stomach will thank you aswell!
A persistent milk craving can be a sign of the onset of Type II Diabetes.  You should probably talk to your doctor about it.

AHH don't scare me like that! The craving was only yesterday, and it was the first time that it happened.  Thank you though!  I shall go to the doctor if i crave milk more often.
I am 17 years old. I have been searching the internet for days now. Within the last week or so, I have gone through an ENTIRE gallon of milk. My stepdad is getting mad at me, but I cannot help it. Its like if I don't drink at least 3 glasses at a time, I am going to die. Its the worst craving I have ever had in my life. Could I really be getting Type II Diabetes??? That is really scary
Oops, I just read over that post--I meant to say 3 gallons in the past week.
3 gallons is alot of milk!  I would suggest checking your calcium intake and switching to water.  Also call your doc....  my best guess is that you're growing still, so you are still going to need lots of calcium.  But you can do a phone consultation with a nurse (that would be better than nothing).  Good luck!

i'm not usually one to zombify threads, but i googled "milk cravings" and this was the most useful thing to come up (surprise!).

this is not a transient thing for me: i've had milk cravings for as long as i can remember.  when i was a teenager i would wake up in the middle of the night, and the only way to get back to sleep was to get up and drink milk.  i remember sneaking around friends' kitchens in the middle of the night, trying not to wake the parents, and drinking milk out of the carton.  yep, out of the carton, in other peoples' houses.  hey - i was 14.

i've never deprived myself of milk, ever, so it's not that.  but i've begun to realize that if i don't have milk, i just don't feel right.  yesterday, i was kind-of twitchy and restless and feeling like i needed something all day (and i probably overate because of it), and it wasn't until bedtime that i realized i ran out of milk on thursday, and that was the problem. 

my bones are strong.  i've had one major break (tib-fib) at 16 and a few minor ones (toes), but when my 1300 pound horse fell on my thigh, i only got a bruise (a bad bruise, but still).  type-II diabetes seems highly unlikely. 

any thoughts (other than get your ass to the grocery store and buy milk, which i will do)?

milk is good. dont fight it.

women dont drink enough milk


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tryptophan is an amino acid in milk that has a very calming effect.  It is most likely you were twitchy or restless without it.  It also means that possible you have developed a dependancy on it and experience withdrawl symptoms (twitchy restless etc) without it.  Such as people getting headaches without their morning coffee, without the opening effects of blood vessels caffein offers.  But id say its a good dependancy to have. milk rules.  i craved it today, drank about 3 liters.  its also amazingly good after a night of drinking. the fat and properties calm you and make you feel better, and it rehydrates you.  GO MILK!!!!!!

I've been told that having a craving for milk might mean that you're anemic. Try eating a lot of iron-rich foods and see if it helps the cravings a bit.

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