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Curious to see who people are rooting for.... and who do you think will win?

I want the Cowboys to win but I think Green Bay will win.

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The Pack all the way!  Unfortunately I won't be able to watch the game unless I go somewhere that gets the dang NFL Network.
Packers all the way, hate the Boys!!
PACKERS!! I can't wait for this game! :)

And I HATE the Cowgirls!
Original Post by missy81:

And I HATE the Cowgirls!

Hee hee... I used to feel the same way. I am an upstate NY girl who was transplanted to Dallas 8 years ago.  This is the first year I have been pullin' for DA BOYS and not callin 'em the cowgirls. It really helped that I saw Tony Romo up close and personal a few months ago, and he is freakin' adorable!!!

Yeah looking at Tony Romo, especially in tight pants, isn't so bad lol

But I <3 Brett Favre :)

Cowboys have the more attractive helmets.

Go Cowboys!!!

yeah and tony romo... yummy!

I have to admit... Brett is pretty easy on the eyes too ;) Tony seems to have a cute personality. It will be interesting to see Tony playing against his idol and the guy he modeled his own game on (so I hear -- not pretending to know anything about this stuff!!!).


Yeah I've heard a lot of people comparing Tony to Brett.  It's gonna be a great game. I'm just a little worried because a couple of our key defensive players might be out tonight with injuries :(
I wish I could go... a head of sales at my company (dallas fan) is going with his son (packers fan). me = jealous!!!
Now I'm all excited, I want it to start NOW! lol
*dons cheesehead*

Green Bay all the way, babeee...

Wow. I'm starting to feel kinda lonely...  **sniff, sniff**

Where are all the COWBOYS fans?? I know, I know... they are the team America loves to hate.

You mean Tony Homo?!?  I want the packers to win because I have guys on my fantasy team.
So do I want to be able to chat with Missy & Sammi tomorrow and choose the Packers or sleep and live civily with b/f for the rest of eternity (he's from texas) and choose the Cowboys

*Hoping for a very very very long rain delay a dome*

I plead the fifth!
LOL Kiki

*glares at Kiki until she picks the Packers*
I am hoping the Cowboys will win!  But, it's only because I am NOT a Packers fan.  It should be a great game, too bad I don't get NFL network and I am not able to go to a sports bar.  Oh well. 
Oh it's ok Kiki, we'll still talk to you even if you are a traitor.  We'll just make fun of you behind your back ;) j/k
*dumps water on self*  Missy's glares were burning a hole right through me!
*Hates being called a traitor*  OK OK OK...PACKERS IT IS...

*knows b/f doesn't read posts on CC*   HA I am a people pleaser!!!  Happy girls?!
I suposse ;)
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