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Confession time: Who owns a banana clip and still wears it?

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I'll admit I have never really been one to follow any fashion rules. I wear what I like and what is comfy for me no matter what the "fashion police" say. Well my hair is longish thick and permed. I get tired of the three basic things that I can do with my hair. And those things are all hair down, sides pulled up in a barret or hair pulled up in a pony tail. So I was looking in the store for something to give me a different look and I found banana clips. I must say I love they make my hair look. I did do a search on them just to see what people say about them. And I was a tad shocked that so many people said they should not be worn simply because they are from the 80's. I say if it works for you it works.

So anyways yeah I wear them and I like them. Anyone else?

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 are those the hair clips which are like two combs which fasten together? i have fine, straight hair so i could never use those, but i recon it could look really great if style properly, espech with curly hair....

I wouldn't even know where to get one these days! But if it works, I say more power to ya!

BTW, with your long curly hair, you can also do a bun on top of your head or a braid down your back, or two braids. I get a lot of compliments if I put mine in a bun but leave 4 strands down in the front, curl them into ringlets, and sort of drape them back so that they are bobby pinned just under the side and back of the bun and hang down from there. It looks fancy but it takes only a couple minutes! Even quicker for you if you don't have to use a curling iron.

I'm like tigzy, with very fine hair that doesn't do anything lol Doesn't help that I'm the worst hairdresser ever...

I can put it up or leave it down, or as I've recently discovered... ta da! I stole my bf-to-bes alice band. Looks better on me thats for sure... and I'm 30!

I still own 2 or 3 from when I wore them in the 80's.  I have straight hair so I can only use them when I curl it but I still use them occasionally.  I like the way they look with curly hair.

I have very curly hair and I still wear them. The banana clips are a nice change up for a pony tail. I always get compliments on how they look in my hair, so I don't give a rats ass they came from the 80's. Barettes have been around longer than that and so have head bands.

They can still be found in the hair adornment aisle of department stores and drug stores.

I could never wear them...even in the 80' hair is too thick I would break them...I break pony tail holders too...and barretts... Thick hair is a blessing and a curse Foot in mouth

No I think my hair was too thin when I was younger to use them. I use claw clips though on my hair. Their great since they have the tiny teeth inside the clip for extra hold.

Hee, I remember Banana Clips.  I couldn't wear noe for kind of the opposite reason to Gem86.  I have too much hair.  The only way I could wear one was with a ribbon holding it closed.

if i could find one, i'd give it a whirl  Laughing

refuse to be a slave to the opinions of others! tawanda!!!!!

Banana clips and those other 'ponytail clips' with prongs never worked on my long, thick, curly hair - they're not strong enough and they just slide out. But I adore my 'sideways' hairclips (the one with a decorated bar across them) and I use a lot of scrunchies for basic pony tails.

I've found banana clips fairly recently at KMart, Walgreens, Drug Mart, Target, etc. I've heard they can still be found at the dreaded WalMart, but I don't go there anymore.

All the hipsters are wearing stuff from the 80's, why not banana clips?

I'm growing my hair out from a really bad pixie cut (got it in april) and... I use them now to keep my hair back since it can't go into a ponytail just yet. Mine is really old (bright blue...) and it doesn't match anything I wear pretty much, I'm just wondering if they sell them anywhere because I haven't seen them in regular stores. I want a black one.

Original Post by coffincritter:

All the hipsters are wearing stuff from the 80's, why not banana clips?

 Apparently they are wearing the big, ugly glasses I had in Junior High, too. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE

Here's some random picture I found. Why would you wear these for any reason other than your mother made you?

and haha banana clips

Oh those glasses are truly awful. They're as ugly as crocs.

I have found them at Dollar General, Family Dollar, KMart and Wal Mart. I am sure there are other such places they are sold at.

Original Post by moonikins:

Oh those glasses are truly awful. They're as ugly as crocs.

 I know. These people should be ashamed of themselves. I had no choice in Jr High Cry

Also, those shiny black leggings Olivia Newton John wore at the end of "Grease" are making a come back, too.

WHY WHY WHY has the whole world gone retarded

Why did you remind me of my glasses in jr high? Cry

The leggings are bad too, not as bad as the glasses and definitely better than crocs.

I hate those leggings. I see them everywhere now. >.<

I own a pair of black crocs, I admit. They are super soft and comfy. I wear them in the fall and even in the snow!! I wear them with PJ bottoms/t-shirt combo. I've worn them with jeans. I think the black ones look alright. I like going barefoot and just slipping those on, even in the dead of winter (assuming I'm not walking through snow...cause yeah...).  I wouldn't wear them with shorts or any leg showing cause they do look ugly when completely revealed. I also wouldn't wear the super bright colored ones.

My black ones are so comfy. *hugs them*

My furry crocs are my "stumble out of bed at 6:30 am to walk the dog" shoes. My husband HATES them and has banned them for use in his presence. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you I think I look like a supermodel in them, but dang they are nice to have around when I just need to throw on some shoes and run to the store or whatever

I get crap for my Danskos, too. We go to a lot of concerts and they are the BEST when you're standing around for hours on end and jumping around and stuff. I'll admit, those are pretty ugly as well


But those shiny leggings. Die already.

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