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When do you usually put your tree up? We just got a new beautiful tree and I am really tempted to put it up!

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I usually put mine up the day after Thanksgiving, but I would not blame you for putting yours up now.  New trees are so exciting!!  Go ahead and put it up but don't decorate it, that way it's not a Christmas tree yet.

Yes, I think I will put it up, but leave it plain until after thanksgiving. That way many more ornaments will be out. I wish Christmas didn't excite me so much lol. If at least it was cold outside, id feel better. Here in Iowa, it's 70!

My family would put up the tree the first or second weekend in December, but we'd start decorating right after Thanksgiving.

My mom would have Christmas music in her car in September!

There's a rule in my family that no Christmas music or decorations happen until Dec. 1st. In any case, (when I lived there) we'd put the tree up in the first weekend of December.

My mom gets a real tree so it makes it easier to clean up when you take it down. If you put it up later it's healthier when you take it down. 

You could decorate it for fall, with leaves and acorns and stuff.

The rule in my house growing up is not until Advent started (~December 1st).

The rule in my house now is not until after Thanksgiving, but even last year we still waited until 2 weeks before Christmas.

For as long as I can remember I would drag out the tree and all the Christmas decorations while watching the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I'm now continuing that tradition with my husband.  I love it!! 

We also have a new tree and I'm impatientlywaiting for Thanksgiving... Hmpf!

Day after Turkey day!

However, I've been bumming lately cause I'm unemployed now so I told my fiance that "I need a little Christmas now". One of our local radio stations started Christmas music the day after Halloween so I listen but only by myself cause everyone else hates it.

i can't think that far ahead! not today! after the election results are in, i'll be able to resume a normal life. so i'll get back to you tomorrow....

I absolutely love Christmas, but we wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree.  I think that having it up too early would take away from the specialness of it, so I like your idea about leaving in plain and decorating it during the actual Christmas season.

Regarding Christmas music, my daughter and I listen to Christmas music sporadically throughout the year when we need a little pick-me-up.  Other people who overhear it playing in our car or at home think we're lunatics, but it's all good.

Sometime in December.  Don't really have a set time.  Just within the first couple of weeks of December.

It comes down right after the New Year, if not sooner.  Use a real tree, so the shedding can get nasty.

We didn't really start using trees until a few years after we moved here, and my Pops had a love/hate relationship with picking out the RIGHT tree. After about three Christmases of trees he'd have to 'settle' for, we got a fake tree, but it looks nice. when we did tree shopping with real trees, we waited until the second weekend in December. Now that we have a fake tree, it goes up, well, whenever we decide to put it up, hahaha.

I have my own 'Charlie Brown' tree though I keep in my room and decorate for all the seasons. After thanksgiving the little red ball goes on the tree and Bam! Christmas!

One year I was working through the holidays but I had a long weekend before Thanksgiving.  I decided to decorate for xmas a week or so before Thanksgiving and I didn't like it... it made it feel like Thanksgiving was rushed through.  This year, no matter how tired I am, I'm going to wait until the day after Thanksgiving.. doing it during the Macy's parade like inlove07 said sounds great!

I always do the Christmas tree & the rest of the house December1 & 2 (it usually takes two days). I take down all the decorations New Year's Eve (as I just stay home), that way I start the new year with a clean house/slate. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. My favorite old Christmas movie is the original "Miracle on 34 th Street."

We would wait until Jan 6th to take down the decorations because that is when the Magi paid thier homage to the baby Jesus.

Favorite xmas movie is " A Christmas Story"

I am def. a fan of the home alone movies! I absolutely love watching them. For some reason, I am extremely impatient this year!

Original Post by m0m6:

We would wait until Jan 6th to take down the decorations because that is when the Magi paid thier homage to the baby Jesus.

Mm hmmm.

We're probably going to put up decorations the day after Thanksgiving, or at least that weekend, but I'm not sure.  We have a lot more space to decorate this year, plus we're having Thanksgiving dinner at our house, so we'll see how we feel!

We would get a tree the first Saturday of Christmas vacation and take it down on January 1st or 2nd...but we always get a live tree, and usually one that we will plant after we take it down...

But this year my family isn't getting a tree since we're going on vacation from the 19th to the 4th...

Original Post by dalmalama:

i can't think that far ahead! not today! after the election results are in, i'll be able to resume a normal life. so i'll get back to you tomorrow....

This sounds exactly like my stepmom. She has gone Obama crazy with this election. For the past 2 months, she has spent every day after work going door to door, or calling people, or hanging posters, etc..

It's so crazy over at my Dad's house right now, I can't wait until after the election when she calms down and snaps back into reality.

We put our tree up usually around the 2nd weekend in December.  If we get it too early then we end up with needles all over the place.

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