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Hello and a good Friday to you, Chatters and Chatterettes!
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I've worn slippers in the store before. I had been to the emergency room the night before for my back and need to get a prescription filled. Sweats & slippers was the best I could do.
Sweats or stretchy pants are dangerous - they are too easy to grow into.
hee hee that is true Kimne..:)
<-back from breakfast,

heya Kathy!

my "style" is like a jeep, form follows function. Blue jeans, generally levis, Tshirts, usually with a local sports team logo or just a solid color, (currently wearing my "Dirty Jobs" tshirt my 7yr old got me, its my new favorite shirt).

Work is khaki slacks and a colored polo, usually with a sports team logo or some logo of the tech company that gave me the shirt for going to whatever training they were offering at the time.  I have wide feet so my shoe selection is usually somewhat limited to Addidas running shoes, Sambas (indoor soccer shoes) ,  hicking boots, or sandals.  Probably the most signature part of my style is I wear shorts whenever i can until it gets below 40*F.

I have been told that I dress a little "boring" .
Slippers in that situation is, of course, acceptable, kimne.  To fit the "nutso" mold, you have to have the flyaway hair that hasn't seen a brush in months or years, Kathy's aforementioned inside-out cardigan, bedroom slippers, a grocery cart full of cat food and canned goods from the "dented discount" section, and you must also be mumbling to yourself.
*thinks laura is too familiar with this description*
:p  Of course that is just my own personal picture of "nutso." 
If I moved to a new town and a new job, I would dress up a bit more too Will, that whole "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" thing.  Especially if I was a single guy. the rules for fashion change quite  a bit after marriage and kids come along.

And yes, making sweats as a regualr part of your wardrobe can be a slippery slope!
I wear t-shirts and jeans and sweaters and jeans.

I'm pretty boring too - except I own 40+ pairs of shoes. :-)
hee hee are a walking advertisement...

Yes's either that or I am going for the full-out Vegas old lady with the gold lame pants (one size too small) the pink sweatshirt with a giant pair of sunglass on it that says "Sexy Lady" and hair the color of red grapefruit...
Yes, Kathy!  I vote for Vegas. :D  Be sure you have your giant purse!
with smeared lipstick to match...hee hee...
Sometimes now the sweatpants are actually for working out in.

Oh Kathy, she would also have on really high heels that she can't walk in.
i feel like there should be a touch of sequins somewhere on that outfit......perhaps a silver baseball cap?
and the perpetual cigarette dangling just off the bottom lip, destined to drop an ash the size of a small finger...
And the giant purse should be full of two-day-old food from the $1.99 buffet that has been wrapped up in paper napkins.
...and several hundred packets of Sweet n Low...
*giggles*  This is too fun.

And your name must be one of the following: Madge, Rose, Dot, or Bernice.  Or, if you're a former showgirl, Candy or Kitty.
Sort of kathy,  I wont wear a shirt with "Hillfiger" or "POLO" or some name brand plasterred accross the front. I dont really care for that stuff. But, as you know,  I am a big ol' "Homer"  when it comes to my sports teams. 

 As for the shirts with "Cisco Systems" "Nortel networks" Microsoft" etc, on the front of the dress polos, the logos are small, they are nice shirts, and what-the-heck, they were free!
i often see these ladies at the casino here :-)  I smile seeing them tethered to the slot machines :-)
833 Replies (last)