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Any Cheese heads/ Wisconsin members here?

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Hi Everyone. I was just wondering if there were any other members from Wisconsin around here. Am I all alone??
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*Puts on her Vikings hat*

Located amidst all of Bucky's glory.
I'm here...well I'm way up here way north of highway 8.  But there is a picture of me in taken near Sheboygan!
Love Brett Favre!!
I'm in West Bend... about 30-45 mins away from Milwaukee. Where are you satchel?
My mom lives right outside of Milwaukee and we visit her often! I'm in the Chicagoland area.

Hey mfchill,

What town are you located by?  I've got a cottage in Florence County, about 25 miles south west of Iron Mountain.  I live in Kaukauna, during the week. 
Northern Ozaukee area
Iron Mountain, MI? I'm to the left of Ashland. North of Hayward.
Shawano...   :-)
Mil-town 8-)
Oh hi!  Been a Cheesehead for quite awhile.  I'm actually from Oregon, but since we have no NFL team of our own, I've loved Green Bay forever!  Yahoooo!  But yeah, sorry, not from Wisconsin.
I am in milwaukee.  lovely weather we're having huh?
Suffering here in Janesville, hoping to move to Madison!
*cheers and taunts with salome from the PURPLE side of the border*
Sheboygan reporting in here...though I'm originally from California.  GO 49er's!!!!oops did I say that out loud? 

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