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How much to charge for dog sitting...

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Here's the e-mail from the woman:

"Your dad said you might be interested in looking after my animals and plants if you are available.  I will be leaving town on Sunday, June 24th and return  Friday or Saturday, July 6th or 7th.    I have two dogs, a cat, fish and a guinea pig.  They would all need to be fed, and the dogs and cat would need to be let out of the house.    I have a fenced back yard, so you would just let the dogs out; they'd need to be let out at least 3 times each day- more is better of course.  I'd also need a few plants watered outside with the hose.  You would be welcome to stay here. "

How much should I say I charge for that? I would have to stay over there for most of day, and possibly at night, as her house is across town from mine. I'm currently watching another dog who's house I go over to 3x a day, walk for 40 min, and he's only 2 miles away, and I charge $10 for that.

Any ideas?

EDITED: I realized it was silly to ask about a job I've already given a rate for... haha. So this is my other job
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If you already told her, you gotta stick with it.  There are dog sitting services you can find online.

Here I found this online: Pet Sitting: The average cost for two dogs is $16 per visit or $32 per day for 2 visits and $48 per day for three visits.  Now, those rates include everything, love & attention, playtime, long walks, food/water and medications.

So you coulda went with $20-30 bucks for the 2 trips for the 1 dog. I've been looking for a pet sitter lol.
Hi there,

I live in Victoria Canada and I pay my dogsitters $30 per night to stay at the house and look after 1 dog.  I'm happy to get someone reliable who will love my dog and keep her company, as well as keeping the house safe.  I would suggest that you shouldn't charge less than $20 per night, given all the animals and everything else that's expected, unless you think that she can't afford it and are feeling generous.
Star - Yeah, I realized that after I posted it. So I changed the post to my other job, that made more since anyway... lol. It's the summer. I don't need to actually think.

Thanks for those rates though! They're great for my other job. :)
Dang for that one I'd charge at least the $48 bucks. Shes asking a LOT for you :) Thats just my two cents.

It shouldnt take long to wrap up all that work, but 3 times a day with taking the dog out, other animals, watering plants. Heck she should just have you do the dishes and dusting too and call it a day.

Before you spout off any #'s, ask HER to quote you.
If I was staying at the house I would charge $30.00 per day. If I had to return to the house three times in the day, I'd charge $48.00.
Thanks for the advice!!
I would get paid $40 bucks a day when I dog sat. I walked the dogs 2 times a day and let them out a few times too. If you are goign to have to spend a good deal of time over there, i think that's reasonable.
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