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Celebs you wish you looked like

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I'm sure everyone has a movie star or someone whos size/figure you wish you had. I love Katherine Heigl. I think she has the perfect proportions and isn't too little. Too bad I lack the height.

I just read an article that Victoria Beckham has a 23 inch waist. 23!!!! I think thats a little ridiculous, but wouldn't it be something to say you had a waist that little? I also heard that on 8 hour overseas flights, she just drinks tea. Thats anorexic to me. But she does have a hot husband...
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Don't Kill Me. Amy Winehouse. I love her facial structure but any other person would be the girl in the bathtub on the Duran Duran music video "Falling Down" she has the perfect body.
Gosh, Amy Winehouse is disgustingly thin, ugly and completely uneviable.

Original Post by sunkissedbliss:

Gosh, Amy Winehouse is disgustingly thin, ugly and completely uneviable.

her head is REAL big too. &her nose. ehh.
I said her facial structure (jaw, cheekbones) not her body cause she needs to gain2 stone okay.
When I said she was ugly I was talking about her facial structure as well :)
Okayyy :)
Original Post by sunkissedbliss:

Gosh, Amy Winehouse is disgustingly thin, ugly and completely uneviable.

 shes not that thin her legs and arms have just atrophied she actually looks like she has a pot belly and her bikini is to small so It accentuates her paunch.

I want to look like Andi McDowell.  She is gorgeous and approachable....can glam it up and still look great just hanging out..."all american" looks.  Oh, well.  It was a fantasy question!


Gwen Stefani.  Love her so much.  She's so funky & fresh and gorgeous.

Or Alyssa Milano.  She's beautiful.
Jessica Biel

ewwwwwwwwwwwwh Amy Whinehouse IS the ugliest effing thing I have ever seen, EVER! I cringe looking at her photos... why? I don't get it!! How can someone be so disgusting, especially with all that money, she could and should get plastic surgery..  and lots of it!!

oh and don't even get me started on how bad her music is...

JILLIAN MICHAELS all the way!!!!!!!!!

amy winehouse is pretty i guess in a way, but it's weird because her legs & arms are scrawny yet she has a beer gut? also her hair sucks.

The burlesque star Immodesty Blaize has THE most gorgeous face. She's about a UK dress size 14/16 but is tons prettier than most catwalk models. Dita Von Teese has an amazing body, but her fake boobs are a bit off.

I used to get comparisons to Sophie Ellis Bextor until I put on weight. Damnit :(
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kim kardashian

she is just perfect
Oh, I love Kim too...especially her butt, lol...Like some people have said, Adriana Lima is gorgeous...All time fav, though: Scarlett Johansson...gotta show love to old hollywood and say Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable...

rampantbunnylove-I googled Immodesty Blaize and WOW! She is hot and what a bod!
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julia Stiles, or Eva Langoria
Kim Kardashian looks out of proportion with her butt implants and she's had way too much surgery.
Me personally...Amy Lee of Evanescence. She's drop dead gorgeous!
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