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How Did You Celebrate your 30th Birthday?

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So I'm turning 30 in April. I've been looking "forward" to it for a couple years now, but I was just looking at my calendar and realized how close it is. I haven't planned anything, but I wanna do something memorable. I have to, it's 30! Plus, it's on a Monday, so I need something awesome to counteract that automatic lameness.

What did you do for your 30th? Or 40th, 50th, 25th, etc? Or, do you just have some cool ideas to share?

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well...I can't remember that far back!...Laughing  but I did skydive on my 60th!!

I turned 30 in May , and I went out to dinner with my husband, and went and picked out my own birthday present.  ( a purse)

It was great, I was hoping for a party but my husband, and friends didn't pick up on the vibe.


I turned 30 a year 1/2 ago.  I had a dinner with close friends and family on my actual birthday (which also fell on a Monday) and made sure that I treated myself well.  I surrounded myself with strong women who were happy to be 30, instead of women who would lament about 'getting old'.  I loved my birthday and to be quite honest, I don't totally remember what we did, but I know I had fun.

I think the most important part of celebrating your birthday is making sure you celebrate YOU. Do something for yourself. Surround yourself with good people and people who love you. Take a trip with someone you always have fun with. 

Its all about you girl!

My birthday is in July and for my 30th I decided to go to the State Fair with my husband and our best friends. We ate fair food, did loads of people watching and went on rides that would make a sane person puke. It was great fun and I laughed all night.

For my 40th birthday I asked my husband to take care of the kids for a week (with the help of our nanny) and I participated in a 7-day, 180km mountain marathon through the mountains of Cuneo, Italy. I don't usually do these kinds of things and at the time was running no more than 6 miles a couple of times a week. I realized the first day that I had seriously underestimated the whole thing.  Race days were between 5 and 8 hours of running, climbing and hiking the mountains with an average of 3000 meters a day of up and down, and we slept in tents at night. I finished the race with an amazing sense of accomplishment and with an endorphin high that lasted more than 3 months.

So whatever you decide to do for your birthday, I suggest it is something that will make you smile. Afterall, it's your birthday and you deserve to enjoy it.

On my 30th b-day I 'thought' I was going out to dinner with my son, mom, grandma - - to the Olive Garden.  I got there and we got a table and as we're waiting for our drinks my brother and future sister-in-law appear!  I lived in California and they lived in Texas so it was a huge shock!

They told me that they were taking me to Las Vegas the next day for the weekend.. My mom was going to watch my son... AND my brother and dad joined together and gave me $400 to gamble with!   OHHH! ANNNNNDDD, they rented a Mustang Convertible to drive there in.  I had sooo much fun!

I had been to Vegas as a kid and once when I was 20.. but never when I was old enough to drink and gamble!  I told him forget site seeing! Been there done that!  Take me to old downtown and I'm going to get drunk and gamble!  ... but, we slept in a nice hotel on the strip..

BTW, after food and tips.. I left with $600! 

a surprise vegas birthday trip?? awesome!

Original Post by dalmalama:

a surprise vegas birthday trip?? awesome!

 Yes!  You should go! 

I turned 40 in August.  My husband coordinated a big party in Laughlin, Nevada with most of my family and my best friend and her husband.  Went boating and skiing all day, partied all night.  Had a wonderful time!

I turned 30 in February and my husband planned a surprise birthday party for me on Friday, (My birthday was also on Monday), and after a night of partying like I was 21, my best girl friends showed up at my house at 6am, packed my bags for me, and flew me to Las Vegas.  

We spent Saturday and Sunday being pampered in a spa and eating at the poshest of places and seeing fabulous Cirque de Soleil shows.  I flew home late Sunday night to a gift from them sitting on my kitchen table....old episodes of the TV show "30 Something" on DVD!

Enjoy only happens once girl!


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