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Any ladies out there bought the Calorie-Count white tank top?  What do you think?

I must admit I'm a bit disappointed with my tank.  I guess the CC logo/symbol is kinda like a patch that was pressed into the shirt?  I don't know a thing about making tee' can see how the whole patch/CC logo puffs out a bit from the rest of the shirt.  And the white background of the CC logo/symbol patch shows through the shirt which kinda makes it look like I'm wearing a funny type bra in the breast area.  (it doesn't mess my 'shape' up just shows through to look like a funny type bra underneath). And the whole area of the CC logo/symbol is sorta scruffy looking as if someone sorta raked that area a tiny bit as opposed to the smoothness with the rest of the tank.

However, the actual material of the shirt is very soft and I love the fit of the tank.  I doubt I would ever wear it in public since it makes me look like I'm wearing a funny type bra.  And no, I won't return'll just wear it around the house or when I'm working in the yard.

Was your tank-top like what I described above?  

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Where can you get this tank top?  I'd like to check it out....:)
Click on the 'Home' above to get to CC's home page, then scroll down to where it says "Help Us Improve" and there is a link under "2. Support Us"

It's a really nice tank top and I'm hoping that maybe my tank was just a slight defect and if others whom have bought it without such flaws than I might order another one.

For anyone else reading this...they have other types of shirts and such, too that look really nice.
Mine looks nicer than what you are describing.  You might want to consider returning it because is sounds defective.
Thanks Clairelaine.  I'm really bad about returning'll probably just end up ordering another one :-) 
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