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My cat sipped some of my almond milk

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Ok I didnt allow this so dont freak out about why Im giving my cat milk of anything.

I was running a little late this morning so i ate my breakfast while I did my make up. Well the booger jumped up on my bed and leaned in for taste of my cereal. I think he only got a few licks in. I did have more cereal than milk but still I know almonds are suppose to be toxic so I would assume almond milk would be too. Im worried my little guy is going to get super sick. Ive had him since birth so it would break my heart if something happened.

Anyway, would anyone know the answer to my question?

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A small amount shouldn't do much harm. If it's going to, you'd see it within about an hour, probably less. About the most that may happen is some vomiting and/or diarrhea.

...unless it's got an allergy, but if it did, you'd probably note the complications from that rather quickly.



Almonds are toxic - when they are green :-) You'd notice if they were because they would a) taste terrible and b) would make you sick.

I have absolutely no idea what almond milk does to cats but if this was my cat I wouldn't worry about it. It's not like he drank a whole bowl.

And my grannies cat got 16 and 17 years old on a diet of diluted milk with some bread, dry catfood (which they didn't eat a lot of) and regular leftovers of people food. Mind you she was able to hunt so might have topped that with some mice but I was always under the impression that cats are fairly resilient.

Thank you for the replies. I feel better. Most mornings hes very determined to get to my bowl and today he saw the window and went for it. I think he enjoyed it cause he looked annoyed when I took the bowl away. The only time my cats get table scraps is if its plain enough chicken. The one has too sensitive of a stomach so I have to watch. One of my cats likes starches and veggies over meat, he's so weird. lol. Well ill have to remember to keep my bowl out of reach from my kitty.

My cats will only drink the unfinished milk out of my cereal bowl. If I pour milk in a saucer or bowl they won't touch it. They fight over it sometimes, but they haven't gotten sick yet.

Is it almond milk though? When I use cow's milk I will let them have a little cause I know a little wont hurt them but im not so sure about the almond milk.

A small amount is unlikely to hurt him.  If you're worried, call either your veterinarian or poison control.

I did a quick google and came up with this ipts/ px


Scroll almost all the way to the bottom but generally good food information included.  The short answer:  no the almonds wont hurt the cat because we dont use the sort of almonds that contain cyanide in our foods.

Im home now and my little guy is fine. he needs to keep his nose out of my cereal though. I dont want him having an upset tummy.

Lol, little stink. mine likes to lick my ice cream bowl:) yeah, the worst that's going to happen is some fun diarrhea for you to clean up in the litter box:)

-keras: I would reccomend that you NOT give that to your cats. as much as they like it, its only hurting them. yeah, they may not SEEM sick, but its the equivalent to giving it to a person whom is lactose intollerant. cats dont have the proper gut pH or bacteria to break down the lactlose. in fact, enough of it may alter the pH of their urine, causing urine cysts. dont mean to freak you out, just an FYI.

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