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my cat pees on everything!

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help me! he even somehow climbs in the hamper to pee on diry laundry. it's not a urinary tract infection, his litter box is clean, i haven't changed his litter... i can't figure it out!
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he just likes to pee! Or make things smell like him? Marking his territory
Is he fixed? If he isn't he might be spraying his scent everywhere.
lol @ fixed. 
I would get him neutered, it really helps.

Or......if you want to get back at him, pee in his bed and see how he likes it! he, he, he.........

bill (can't help myself!)
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oh yeah i forgot to add this, he is fixed. and this is a brand new thing and he's almost 3!
my friends cat was doing this whenever her bf would come home ( driver) for the weekend! I  think the cat was jealous!

my cat did it when i changed the litter, hmmm .. show him some love & buy a water pistol!
vegan, this may sound silly but is he mad at you?
I have a cat who does this in fits and spells and its usually because he is spoiled and if I don't do what he wants or I do something crazy like go out of town for a night or he feels Im not paying him enough attention he will pee on my stuff.  Usually he targets laundry.  Last weekend it was my winter coat lol he pulled it down of the door hook and peed on it because I went out of town for a night.  He's a brat.  He actually didn't start doing this until he was a little older also. 

Another thing is perhaps if you changed anything and hes upset.  Did you change his food? or your schedule? or anything really...

I have two girls that do the same thing....ususally when they are mad, or when my boyfriend comes up for the weekend...they have peed on everything I own...I've found a useful product called natures miracle, it takes out all the odor, and makes it so that they don't go back to that spot....but they will go somewhere else...hope this helps
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My old cat used to do this. I took her to the vet, and it turns out she had a "behaviour problem" (Cost me like $100 to hear that my cat was a pain in the a**)
We have a cat that does this too when she's mad.  There's a few corners that she chooses and she will pee in the bathroom sink.  It's gross. 

She stopped when we added another litterbox in the house.  You're supposed to have #of cats +1 boxes.  So if you have even just 1 cat, you should have 2 boxes.

Also we changed her food and that made her happy.  Now her afternoon/evening feedings she gets half a small can of food mixed with her dry food. 

Another litter box, and better food and she's a happy cat that doesn't pee all over.  Now if I could get the other cat to learn to only puke on tile or linolium. 
have you had any sudden changes around the household? I know that some cats.. get tempermetal about that. Then they pee like that from being stressed out. If your remodeling your house or something like that.. just an idea...
try and see:

different (odorless) litter-some cats are finicky about litter

more litter boxes around the house, my kitty has 2...

enzymes enzymes enzymes to remove the old odor (get them at a pet supply store-I get the kind you mix with water-it's cheaper)

good you checked the health problems first, that's sometimes the problem

He is mad at you for something you did - or did not do or he could be jealous. 

Have you changed anything in the house?  in your appearance?  bring in somebody new?  Anything new, anything different?

I had a cat who would pee on my son's bed when I did not pay attention to her when she wanted it.  If I ignored her, she would climg on the bed,  miaw loudly until I looked at her then she would squat and pee.  They do that, you know.

So figure out what you had done or not done since shortly before he started peeing everywhere and then reinstate whatever it was you have changed.  I hope it's not a new boyfriend. 

My other cat did not want my gentleman friend around so when my friend would sit on the couch, my cat would sneak around behind him and pull his hair with his teeth. 

Good luck!
did the vet actually say he doesn't have a UTI?  It's the most common cause of that problem, especially in male cats.
Trust me, since you ruled out a UTI, your cat is pi$$ed at you - all pun intended. 

We have three cats and they all do this when they get mad.  The baby one, well she's two this month, always pees on DH's side of the bed and once in his slippers.  They don't get along and when he shoos her off a table or somewhere she cleary shouldn't be, you can count on pee somewhere!

BTW, those of you with pet issues, try UrineGone if you haven't - it gets rid of stain and smell the best of anything I've tried thus far.
I forgot to scoop my cats litterbox this morning. Shes real fussy, and will only use it if its real clean. She later peed on my bed..and I just washed the comforter yesterdat. *sigh*
Yeah, he's probably mad at you. Did you put anything new in your house/apartment recently? Peeing on stuff is like giving you the middle finger (if they're not sick, of course).

My cat peed on my new down comforter when I first got it, because it smelled "weird" to him. He didn't like it. He's usually not a finicky cat, either. I put it through the wash a couple times to get it to smell more like "me", and he got used to it. We sleep together, though, so it must have really bothered him.
I'd like to reccommend a book that's helped me a lot with my cats

Think Like a Cat by Pamela Bennett Johnson.  Look for the chapter on Litter Box Survival.  It really explains what's going on when cat's have a problem using the litter box.
You might want to have him checked for a UTI again.  My cat had one for almost 2 years before it was detected.  (they checked her like 4 times before that!) She peed on EVERYTHING.  THey sell these little pellets that you can use in the litter box (instead of litter) and when they pee, you can take their urine and strain it and have the ph checked to see if it's off.   Everybody had said that she was just having a behavior issue, but I knew something was wrong.  Good luck, I know how challenging it is to deal with this type of thing.
Rinzy is right, it could be a hard to diagnose infection (have they collected a sterile sample for culture & sensitvity?).  Also, some kitties have a "sterile cystitis" - its not a urinary tract infection (UTI) - just chronic inflammation and irritation.  The thought with either infection or inflammation is that they are painful or uncomfortable when they try to pee in their box and they associate the pain with the box so they look for some place more comfortable - usually some place soft (like beds and laundry...).  Lots of them are behavioral but many are medical problems - instead of antibiotics - he may need anti-inflammatories.  Poor kitty...poor veganlady!
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