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Well, it's my sister's cat, technically, but I'm still kind of agitated/worried.

I scooped myself some no sugar added vanilla ice cream, but before I could put any of the chocolate protein powder in it (i like it, haha), I found the darn cat on the table EATING my ice cream! After staring in shock and getting it away, it had eaten at LEAST over half of my bowl of it.

Other than a bit angered that the cat ate my ice cream (I can always get more) I was worried the cat could get sick or poisoned by anything in the ice cream. I read the ingredients, and am not sure if this stuff is even safe for ME to eat, much less a cat.

It's got things like...
Non-fat milk
Vanilla extract
Whey protein
Mono & diglycerides
Tapioca starch
Guar gum
Tara gum
Cellulose gum
Polysorbate 80
Xanthan gum
& Vitamin A palmate

Does anyone know if this will hurt Bagheera -the cat- or myself? some of these ingredients look like they would probably be found in Dr. Viktor Frankenstien's laboratory, not in my ice cream!


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The cat will be will you...

oh thank heavens, I didn't want to be the one to explain to my sister what happens if her cat suddenly dropped dead, hahaha, haaa

I think your cat will be fine.  It may have some intestinal problems, which will come out in the litter box. I caught my daughters cat chewing on my protein bar, so I think it will be ok.  Our new cat was fed off the table by my mom who thinks her cats are babies.  It is hard to break them to just eating cat food.  My other cat broke into my fish food and ate all my algea tablets (she is crazy for algea tablets).  I was not concerned since it was mainly plant matter, I figured she would be ok.  She also ate my spider plant to the ground.  Cats have a habit of eating strange stuff. 

I would say poor cat but if the cat doesn't get sick than poor you!!! My cat is a trip if I make several trips to the kitchen in the morning to bring all my breakfast into the living room he will check out what I have...I've learned to bring in the cottage cheese last (he loves it) He actually stares at me while I eat it like a dog? So funny. I had a cat before that loved cantaloupe...I miss him so much and sharing my cantaloupe with him; he was a great cat.Laughing

There are two things my cat loves more than anything on this earth, Cheez Whiz and ice cream. I rarely have either in the house anymore...but he seems to have a loooong memory. He can smell it from another room and will come running and beg me for some. Woe if I leave it unattended, even for a second.

My other cat eats my plants, especially liked the spider plant I guess that's a good one, and is laying waste to my palm and chives.

My sister's cats love marshmallows, both of them!

And they are all alive and kicking!

Another weird thing, both my cats adore the water drained from the tuna can, and they come running whenever they hear the can opener because of it....I give it to them because it seems harmless enough...but if I ever give them some actual tuna with it, they leave it in the dish, don't seem to want it!

Nah, the cat seems fine for now, he's just not wanting to leave me alone now! and he keeps sniffing anything I bring out of cabinets or anything. But, I figure that bit of ice cream won't hurt him, unless he figures out a way to get to the carton and has a kitty binge, which I doubt.

Sometimes dairy products will cause a cat to have diarrhea, but that passes quickly. Don't worry, and now you'll know to guard your ice cream.

My cat has never liked milk, but he loves vanilla ice cream.  He'll lick out our bowls if we don't pay attention.  When we used to buy boxes of ice cream, we always tore them apart, flat, and let him finish it.  He never had any digestion problems from it, but then, there wasn't much left by the time we let him have it, either.

Cat eating icecream? pfft.... i know a goat that eats eggs!!! (shell and all!)

I think the cat will be fine. My dog has snuck many a chocolate bar and she's still kickin' it. (:

Kitty will be fine.  Aside from maybe a really bad little box to clean.  I'm sure there are probably some cats that can't stomach the sorbitol just like some people can't. 

I've had cats that would take your arm off for popcorn or marshmallows or cheez-its, and my mom had one that loved oranges and watermelon.  They pretty much know what they can and can't eat.   

Oddly, the cat I have now won't even eat canned tuna or yogurt or milk or anything except plain old dry catfood.  At least I don't have to worry about her getting into my food.  She ain't right, though.  LOL!

I had a siamese that loved olives. I caught her hooking one out of the jar on the dinner table. She had her little arm in the jar up to her arm pit.  Must have been the oil. I used to give her one every now and then and she'd lick her chops forever after having one.



As long as it wasn't chocolate, which is really bad for animals.  I had a cat that was crazy for blue cheese, cheeze puffs, olives and corn on the cob.  He was a real pain because he'd find a way to steal those items.  He'd hide olive pits and fetch them out to play with.  Have you ever stepped on one of those suckers in bare feet?  I swear the only thing that hurts more is Barbie high heel shoes and legos.

Bubba will only eat his dry cat food - no interest in human food at all.

My cat will eat olives and pineapple off of the pizza!  Crazy cat..  they like olives because of the salt not the fat, or so my vet told me, which I believe :)

And the list of ingredients?   that was a standard list, which mostly "natural" products (ish), like milk, a few different sugars, fat, thickeners, stabilizers, and color.  Nothing to get in a bunch about.  Go check out some fruit snacks or other kids food and then freak out ;).

So, let's call this girl Mary, right? Well, Mary ran a small ice cream shop. Real to-do, handmade stuff. Pretty good, if that's your thing.

Well, Mary worked all day long, and didn't have much time to shop. Moreover, she didn't see much of the reason to not feed her cat from the extras that she had. She'd paid for it already, after all.

That cat, let us call him Angel, subsisted on a diet of dairy product. Ice cream (frequently a batch of some attempted new flavor that didn't quite work), cream, milk, whatever the day's extras were, all went into his food bowl. Angel, though weighing more than some of the ED crowd here, lived to a ripe old age, (18 as I recall), only finally succumbing to the great Curiosity Shop in the sky when a gunshot from a burglar scared the poor thing to death.

So, yes, while Mary's product generally had less additives, I'm going to say it's safe.

that's gunna be a poopy kitty.

By nature, cats are lactose intolerant (ha, weird eh?)  And actually...techincally so are all humans when it comes to COW MILK.   once  cat is succesfully weaned from mom, they no longer need milk.

Due to the overload of're cats most likley gunna have some bad diarrhea...possibly vomiting.....DEFINTELY contact your veterinarian if these symptoms persist !!!

If kitty stops eating and/or drinking all together, SEE THE VET ASAP! :)

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