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career break?!

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Anyone here taken a career break?
I'm worried it may affect my career but I think I really need to do it now while I'm still young (30) and at this stage in my life.
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what exactly is a "career break"?
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like a sabbatical. give up job for 3 months, 6 months, or maybe a return to resident country and work again take.  GO ...enjoy your life!  I doubt taking a break will have THAT much of an impact on your career.  Life is so much more than just your career.   What is your career?  That info might help.
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thats what I thought... however, you're only 30 Its not like you've been working a long time.... although, if you plan to retire by 60 I can understand.   I"m only 25 and dont want to work either!  :)  

Anyway.. I think that if you can afford it, and its something that you may benefit from in your own way, go for it!  Enjoy it, and enjoy your life.  God knows, if I didnt have to work, or was able to take a "break" i would!  :)
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