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Should I buy a lottery ticket today? (A good day!)

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Not generally a fan of buying lottery tickets, but....

  • Had ice cream (Ben and Jerry's) AGAIN last night (though still had a deficit) and woke up with another half-pound gone!
  • Drove to work, knowing I'd get there at the worst possible time to find on-street parking, and not only was there no traffic, but I found a close metered spot right away that was very close to my office, AND...
  • the meter was broken!
  • Went to the ATM before 8 AM to see if I could get some cash, and my paycheck, which normally hits at noon, was already there!
  • Today is chocolate chocolate-chip muffin day for me. I get these once every other week, except sometimes, indeed, all too often... they don't have them. But today they did, yay!
  • Was able to cancel a parking pass for tomorrow and get one for Thursday instead; I have NEVER had this work before
  • Forgot I'd driven in; left my car on the street for hours over the 2-hour max. Went out to move it, fully expecting several tickets, and there were NONE!
  • Moved the car into my work's garage -- daily passes were still available! -- and found THE most convenient spot I could possibly get!
So what do you think? Should I go buy a lottery ticket? :-D
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With the day you are having go for it.  Heck I would even request a raise!
Enjoy your good fortune! 
Be sure to share your good fortune with someone else, and of course get the ticket.
I say get a Lottery Ticket!!   I'm happy to hear about your good Luck!! :O)
What a good day!

Considerably better than mine. I had to stay late at my job because a woman was ridiculously needy with her bra needs. She measured larger than a 40 D, but I felt bad we didn't carry them so I let her try 38 DD. It worked, a bit tight, but she made a big deal about having lightly lined bras and unlined bras. I told her what ever made her comfortable was the best bet but she spend a long time telling me about sweaters. Then I drove home behind a driver going 30 on a 50mph road.

I vote you get a lottery ticket... and I vote that I do not.
No you shouldn't, I am planning on winning.
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