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Bra size? What is your real size? Links.

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Hi ladies,

I wanted to share these links with everyone.  I measured myself on both these sites to confirm what my true bra size may be.  I was really suprised, and in denial that I am wearing the wrong size.  So I used 2 different sites to confirm my true size.  I am however excited though to buy a bra that fits right, maybe I will look perkier? :+)

What do you gals think?  Anyone else wearing the wrong size?  Really, how could I be so wrong? calculator.html

By the way I measured on both sites as 34AA (yes double A!) geeze.  The funny thing is the bra I have on now is a 34B (down from a 38C which I started at before my weight loss, but who knows if that was my real size anyway)

Serious denial here, I have measured myself more than 10 times, the tape does not lie!

Happy measuring to ya, share results if ya like.








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The method of measuring around your rib area for band size told me I was 36 A. The method of measuring above your bust for band size told me 36 C, which is what I've always worn.

Both gave you the same result? I wouldn't take them as set in stone truth though if you really find it surprising, they could be wrong (I mean look at the difference I got). Best bet would be to go try a bunch on and see.

Yes, the same result for me.  Now I wonder, yes I think I will see if other links have different measuring styles.  I am probably obsessing way too much over this.  Silly, I know.  Thanks for the speedy response :+)

Take care.

Okay...I'm a 30AA, is that even possible?

Band: 30"

Bust: 30.5" (I swear I'm not a boy).



I made a similar thread awhile ago link
Original Post by vicereine:

I made a similar thread awhile ago link

Thanks, hey "great minds think alike" :+)

Thanks again.

Both give me 38 C- which is the size i bought when i got fitted for a bra a couple of weeks ago.

The problem is- it's not the same in all bra types. In one bra I wore a 36 DD (i'm not kidding) and in another I was a 38 B.

I really liked actually going in, trying them on, and having a "professional" tell me what to look for- and it was Free ;-)

My true size is a 34 B but some bras fit so weird that the A cup fits me like a glove or the A's and B's are too small and
I end up getting a C cup.

Varies by the brand. :(


The first link sized me as a 40A, and the second link gave me a size of 36C.

In actuality, I nearly always end up wearing a 34D. I've tried 36C's, but the cups give me spillage and the band is loose and doesn't give me any support. I never buy bras without trying them on first, because brands differ, but 34D's are nearly always the most comfortable. I have no idea why that should be so, but it is.

34D on one
30DDD on the other

buy 32d...34s are too big. I agree it also varies by brand.
the 1st site gave me a 34 A which is the sad size i have worn for quite a lot of years now but the calculator said i was a 36AA ... these are bizarre sizes ... i will stick with what has fit and make sure the padding can hold its own :P
The only way to really know what bra size you are is to go into a good store and try on a heck of a lot of them and look for bulges, smoothly-filled cups etc. No two bras are cut the same way... that first bra measurement method tells me that I should be a 42D - in your dreams! I already know from experience that I can't even fill most C-cups properly! I have a large ribcage but a small bust and I wear a 40C - previously with an extender on the back, but I've taken them off now I've lost so much weight. A 42-inch band length would still fit me better, but the cups are way too baggy and I look like a little girl playing dressups - and they don't even MAKE bras in size 42B!

The first gave me a 34DD, which I do wear (or sometimes a 36C).

The second gave me a 40AA?? That's got to be wrong, the cup size would be way too small, and the band too big!

I usually don't bother to go by these calculators anymore, I just have to try on different sizes until I find one that fits.

Yes, bra size varies by brand and also by style!  In the boxed bras like wonderbra, warner's etc, full support styles tend to run big.  Case in point, I fit perfectly into 34D's (if they come in a 34 ..grrr) in some kind of warner's style, forget what it's called.  As soon as I move over to the hanging bras/fashion bras or whatever you call them, I need to find my actual size, 34F.  Occasionally a 34DD will fit alright.  I search desperately for these, as practically no bras come in 34F, unless I order online and they're expensive, and you never know if they'll really fit!

ALSO demi bras or balconnets or whatever really have to fit your real size, in my experience.  Otherwise the cups runneth over, lol.  That is such a bra fitting cliche thing to say.

I can't remember ever shopping in the light support, smaller sizes section, so I don't know how they fit.  I must have been at one point, but I developed pretty fast, so I probably went from nothing, to a B, to a D in a matter of months, lol.  Oh how I hated puberty.

i was expecting pictures... i am throughly disappointed...

I checked out these sites and i was dissapointed it told me i was 34a and i can tell you im not ive been wearing 34d and that's too small so if anything im 34dd. so im glad it it worked for you but i tell you if i wore a 34a it wouldnt be a pretty pic.


Why do bras vary by make? You'd think they could standardize it already.. geez. It's not rocket science.

Original Post by akasharaine:

Why do bras vary by make? You'd think they could standardize it already.. geez. It's not rocket science.

You'd think the same about jeans, shirts, dresses..... It won't happen. Vanity sizing is everywhere!

Thank you! I can't wait to measure myself later in the day! I've been debating over whether or not my measurements have changed. Apparently bra size varies by brand?!  That's my assumption since my other bra still fits... I just happen to wear a different size in other brands?! I don't get it.

 What brand is true to size?!

The way sizing in bra/clothing is done tweaks me. I wish they'd just leave everything true to size. Shoot. Give us exact measurements like with men's clothing. We can handle it!

Okay, that second site is insane.  In no universe am I an A-cup or anything close to it!  I wear a C-cup in sports bra style bras (including some of the boxed bras - my favourite is Warner 1544) and a D-cup in fancier bras.  I don't know what's wrong with their formula, but it's screwed up.  The first site gave me a size within the normal range I wear.

DOUBLE A - HERE! ha ha! I got measured at Victoria Secret once... it was sad. But I wasn't really expecting them to tell me I was a B or C because my entire family has small breasts! Oh well... I am content. 

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